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How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Smart TV (Explained)

Smart TVs are a marvel as they can connect to the internet and allow users access to unlimited shows and music. Provided you are subscribed to a streaming service and have a stable internet connection, you can access uninterrupted content at your convenience.

Unfortunately, smart TVs do not have quality speakers; thus, the audio could be better, which can be frustrating for someone who prefers a more immersive sound output.

Fortunately, some TVs have Bluetooth connectivity and can be connected to external Bluetooth speakers with better sound. 

Read on as we look into how you can seamlessly connect your TV to a Bluetooth speaker and what you should know when doing so.

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Smart TV

Key Takeaways

  • Before connecting your Bluetooth speaker to a Smart TV, ensure that the TV supports Bluetooth connectivity, as not all smart TVs do.
  • You can know whether the TV supports Bluetooth by looking at its specifications online or in the user manual. You can also check the TV’s settings to see if Bluetooth connectivity is available.
  • Remember to enable the Bluetooth feature on the speaker so the TV can find the speaker. Most speakers default to Bluetooth connectivity when powered on but always double-check to avoid connection issues.
  • When connecting your TV to a Bluetooth speaker, ensure the two are close. 
  • If your TV does not support Bluetooth connectivity, you can use other options like a 3.5mm audio cable, optical, or a Bluetooth transmitter/adapter.

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Connecting the Bluetooth Speaker to a Smart TV

The set-up procedure is very easy if you are certain that your TV can connect to a Bluetooth speaker. 

Note that the procedure provided below is general, and if you want a specific procedure, consult the TV’s and speaker’s user manual.

Enable Pairing Mode on the Speaker

The initial step is to power the Bluetooth speaker and then ensure it is in pairing mode. Often Bluetooth speakers default to the pairing mode when powered on.

If your speaker is not in pairing mode, you can initiate it by pressing a dedicated Bluetooth button on the speaker. 

The speaker will either notify you that it is in pairing mode, or you will notice LEDs on the speaker blinking rapidly or in a different color. 

The exact procedure for getting the Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode differs depending on the manufacturer and model of the speaker therefore always consult the user manual if you need clarification.

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Enable Bluetooth Connectivity on the TV

After getting the speaker into pairing mode, the next step is to initiate Bluetooth connectivity on the TV. 

The steps to enable Bluetooth connectivity on a Smart TV also differ depending on the TV’s manufacturer, model, and operating system. 

However, a general procedure involves pressing the Menu button on the remote, navigating to Settings, and then Bluetooth settings.

 Where these settings are, depends on the TV as some have them under Network, Audio output, Equipment management, or Sound settings.

Once you locate the Bluetooth option, you might be required to enable it, or some TVs enable it automatically then they scan for the available Bluetooth devices.

When the TV finds your Bluetooth device, use the up/down/left/right navigation keys on the remote to highlight the speaker, click OK and select connect. 

The speaker’s name will likely be the manufacturer’s name and model of the speaker but confirm this from the user manual.

Some speakers require you to enter a PIN to complete the connection. The most common default PINs are 0000,1111, and 1234, but if these do not work for you, chances are the correct one is indicated in the manual.

You will know the TV and speaker are connected when you hear a distinct tone from the speaker. Other speakers simply notify you through a ‘Bluetooth connected’ audio prompt.

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to a Samsung Smart TV

How To Pair Bluetooth Speakers With Samsung Smart TV

Confirm the Bluetooth Speaker is the Sound Output Device for the TV

You should now be able to hear audio output from the speaker, but if not, your TV might require you to enable sound to output through the Bluetooth speaker instead of the TV speakers.

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to an LG TV

[LG WebOS TVs] How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers - WebOS 6.0

You can do this through the TV’s sound settings under the audio output option by selecting the sound to come out of the Bluetooth speaker only.

Bluetooth Speaker List

On Samsung TVs, you have to go to Sound > Sound Output > Bluetooth Speaker List

Why Is My TV Not Connecting to Bluetooth?

The Bluetooth connection might not always be successful due to various reasons. Below are general troubleshooting measures you can try if you encounter any challenges.

  • Ensure the TV and speaker are in each other’s range. Bluetooth connectivity is a short-range connection that works to a distance of up to 33 feet or ten meters.
  • Ensure that the speaker is in pairing mode and Bluetooth connectivity is enabled on the TV.
  • Check that the TV has the latest firmware. If the speaker allows firmware updates, ensure it has the latest version.
  • Ensure the TV or speaker is not connected to another device before pairing them.
  • Some Bluetooth speakers are incompatible with TVs and can only be connected to a phone. Ensure you do not have such a speaker by looking at the manual or contacting the manufacturer.
  • If the connection issues persist, factory reset the TV and speaker, and if that does not help, contact customer support.

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What If My TV Does Not Support Bluetooth?

Not all TVs, including Smart TVs, have Bluetooth functionality making it impossible to connect them to a Bluetooth speaker as you would a TV that has Bluetooth.

Fortunately, there are a few workarounds you can try. They include:

Using a 3.5mm Audio Cable

Most Bluetooth and Smart TVs have a 3.5mm audio port that can be used to connect wired headphones or other compatible devices. 

Therefore, if yours have these jacks, you can use a 3.5mm audio cable and connect it to the TV and speaker, and you should hear audio from the TV play on the speaker.

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Using a Bluetooth Adapter

A Bluetooth transmitter/adapter is the only way you can enable Bluetooth connectivity for a TV that does not have the feature. The adapter comes at different prices, and you can find cheap ones that do not strain you financially.

Avantree Oasis Plus is one of the best Bluetooth adapters out there

Avantree Oasis Plus is one of the best Bluetooth adapters out there

The transmitters can be connected to the TV via the 3.5mm Aux port, USB port, RCA jacks on the TV, or optical port. The goal is to purchase an adapter that connects to your TV using the available ports.

Once you connect the adapter to the TV, ensure it is powered on and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to connect it to your Bluetooth speaker.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I connect my Bluetooth speaker to my TV without Bluetooth?
  • Answer: If the speaker has a 3.5mm aux port, you can use a 3.5mm cable to connect it to the TV. You can also use a Bluetooth adapter and connect it to the TV via the 3.5mm port, RCA cables, USB, or Optical port, depending on the ports on the transmitter.
  • Question: How do I know if my TV has Bluetooth?
  • Answer: If your TV is a smart TV manufactured recently, chances are it supports Bluetooth connectivity; however, this is not guaranteed. 
  • You can confirm if it supports Bluetooth connectivity by checking the TV’s specifications in the user manual or online. 
  • Another option is to check the TV’s settings to see whether Bluetooth is one of the listed options. You can also contact the TV manufacturer, tell them your TV’s model information, and ask if it supports Bluetooth connectivity. 
  • Alternatively, use online forums on platforms like Reddit dedicated to your TV’s manufacturer and ask members if your TV has Bluetooth. Remember to include the name and model of the TV.
  • Question: Can every TV connect to Bluetooth?
  • Answer: Actually, only some TVs can connect to Bluetooth, as some are not equipped with a Bluetooth radio. Therefore, always look at the TV’s available features before purchasing to avoid getting a TV that lacks the features you need.
  • Also, some TVs like Vizio TVs have Bluetooth, but the Low Energy (LE) version is used to connect to the remote and headphones but cannot connect to Bluetooth speakers. 
  • Question: Do Bluetooth speakers work without Wi-Fi?
  • Answer: Yes, Bluetooth speakers work without Wi-Fi. Bluetooth connectivity works independently and does not require an internet connection. Bluetooth connects two devices directly to each other (peer-to-peer) over short distances, while Wi-Fi requires a router and can connect multiple devices over longer distances.


Bluetooth connectivity is essential as it declutters your space since you do not need wires to connect devices with Bluetooth support. However, if you want the best audio quality from your TV, consider using an optical cable, as they provide the best connections without interference.

 Always ensure that the TV and speaker use the latest firmware to avoid connection issues, and consider periodically resetting them to improve their functioning.

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