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How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Xbox One? (Two Options)

When the Xbox one was first released in 2013, people quickly noticed the consoles could not connect to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. This was because Microsoft decided to use a different connection protocol on the consoles to reduce latency. 

Although some controllers of the Xbox one S have Bluetooth, it still does not transmit audio. Therefore, connecting a Bluetooth speaker to your console can be challenging, but it’s possible. 

Read on for all the possible ways of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox one console, regardless of the series.

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Xbox One

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox One consoles do not natively support Bluetooth connectivity to devices like headphones and speakers. 
  • Therefore, you cannot directly connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox one console.
  • However, you can still connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Xbox through your phone.
  • All you need is a 5GHz Wi-Fi network, the Xbox app, and your phone.
  • Also, enable remote features and ensure the power mode is set to ‘instant on’ on your Xbox settings. 
  • Alternatively, attach a Bluetooth adapter (Bluetooth transmitter) to the controller.
  • However, the above methods will significantly reduce the audio quality of your Xbox, and you will be unable to use the microphone.
  • You can also use an HDMI audio extractor to connect the speaker to your Xbox one using a 3.5mm aux cable.

Ways to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to an Xbox One

How To Connect Bluetooth Speakers/Headphones to an Xbox One

Can Xbox One Connect to a Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Xbox one, but you must first jump through some hoops. Microsoft did not incorporate Bluetooth on the Xbox consoles because the Bluetooth connectivity was laggy and could not adequately send and receive audio signals. 

To overcome this, Microsoft incorporated its more efficient connection protocol. 

Newer Xbox One S and X controllers have Bluetooth connectivity that connects to computers and phones but cannot transmit audio. 

The steps below describe how you can connect a Bluetooth speaker to your Xbox One regardless of the connection type not being supported by the consoles.

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to Xbox One

Connecting a Bluetooth speaker to an Xbox One console has three ways. They are:

Using a Bluetooth Adapter

Bluetooth adapters enable devices without Bluetooth to have Bluetooth connectivity.

Therefore, consider getting a Bluetooth transmitter that will give your Xbox One gaming system the power to send sound signals to the speaker wirelessly. 

You can get two types of transmitters depending on how you want to establish the connection.

You can get a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to your controller’s 3.5mm port or a transmitter that connects to your console via the optical port.

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Then hook up the adapter to your console or controller and ensure the adapter has a power supply. Some adapters connect to a power source, while others have a battery that requires charging regularly. 

Read the adapter’s manual on how it works to understand how to set it up appropriately. 

Once you connect the adapter to your Xbox One, power the Bluetooth speaker and ensure it is in pairing mode. Most Bluetooth speakers automatically go into pairing mode when you turn them on. Still, if yours does not, you can manually get it into pairing mode by pressing the power button or a dedicated Bluetooth button. 

The exact steps you should follow depend on the speaker’s model and manufacturer. 

After the speaker is in pairing mode and the Bluetooth adapter is powered on, bring the two together, and they should automatically connect within a few seconds. 

At this point, you should hear your Xbox’s audio through the Bluetooth speaker; however, expect poor audio quality, as third-party Bluetooth adapters are not very good at transmitting audio. 

Note: If you already have the Xbox One Headset Adapter (Amazon), you can also connect a Bluetooth transmitter to it and then pair the transmitter with your Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headphones.

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to an Xbox One Using a Bluetooth Adapter

How to connect Bluetooth Speaker to XBOX ONE S. 3 Dongles Tests.

Using the Xbox Connect App

Alternatively, you can connect your Bluetooth speaker to a phone and then link the phone to your console. 

Therefore, you will need a smartphone to download the Xbox app, which is available on both the Play and App stores. 

Next, ensure that your phone and Xbox console are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, preferably a 5GHz one, for reduced audio latency. 

Then connect the Bluetooth speaker to your phone by getting the speaker in pairing mode. Most Bluetooth speakers go into pairing mode when you power them on for the first time, and they have a blinking LED to show the speaker is ready to pair. 

If the speaker is not in pairing mode, you can manually enable pairing mode by pressing a dedicated Bluetooth button on the speaker. Please consult the speaker’s manual on how to enable pairing mode manually. 

To get to the Bluetooth settings on your phone, simply open the quick menu and select Bluetooth. 

Alternatively, search the Settings app for Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth settings should pop up. You can scan for available Bluetooth devices, select the speaker, and enter the connection PIN (usually 0000) if prompted. 

You have connected the speaker to your phone at this point, but there are more steps to follow. They are:

  • Ensure the Xbox and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi network, then go to the Settings option on the Xbox.
  • Under Settings, select Device and Connections > Remote Features.

Remote Features

  • Ensure the ‘Enable remote features’ box is checked.

Enable remote features

  • Then navigate to the right and ensure the select power mode is Instant on. 

Power mode

  • Next, open the Xbox app on your phone and sign into your Xbox account.
  • When done go to the app’s home screen and select the connection icon. It looks like an Xbox with signals coming out of it, and it is the first icon on the top right corner of the app’s home screen. 

icon on the top right corner of the app's home screen

  • Then select the ‘Remote play on this device‘ option, then ‘Continue.’

Remote play on this device

  • You should see your Xbox’s screen on your phone screen in seconds. The app might prompt you to connect a controller to the phone, but you are good to go if the controller is already connected to the console. 
  • At this point, your phone and console are connected, and you should hear the console’s audio from the Bluetooth speaker. 

This method has a few drawbacks, such as users complaining of latency, and if you get out of the app, you will lose the remote connection and might have to restart the whole connection process. The connection is also affected when you receive calls.

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to an Xbox One Using the Xbox Connect App

How To Connect Any Bluetooth Headphones To Xbox One!

Consider a Wired Connection

Consider using a wired connection if the speaker and your controller have a 3.5mm audio port. The connection would work by connecting one end of a 3.5mm cable to the controller and the other to the speaker. 

If the speaker has an aux port but the controller does not, you can purchase an HDMI audio extractor and place it between the console and the display

Connecting a Gaming Console to a Bluetooth Speaker Using an HDMI Audio Extractor

4k HDMI Audio Extractor With Optical and 3.5mm Outputs (HDA-912)

The connection would also require two HDMI cables, where one will connect from the console to the extractor’s HDMI input port. Then the other cable would connect to the monitor from the extractor’s HDMI output port. 

Considering the extractor has a 3.5mm jack, you can connect one end of the 3.5mm cable to the extractor and the other end to the speaker. 

The downside to a wired connection is that it clutters your space, especially if the speaker is manually connected to the controller. 

Another downside is that not all speakers and controllers have a 3.5mm port. Also, the extractor’s price can be an issue for those who do not wish to spend too much. 

On the other hand, a wired connection will provide the best audio output compared to all the other available connection methods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Where is the Bluetooth setting on Xbox One?
  • Answer: Xbox One consoles do not have Bluetooth connectivity; therefore, you will not find any Bluetooth settings. 
  • Question: Can you use a Bluetooth speaker with Xbox One?
  • Answer: You can use a Bluetooth speaker with the Xbox one even though the Xbox console does not support Bluetooth connections. 
  • You can get a Bluetooth adapter and connect it to your console or the controller, then connect the speaker to the adapter. Another option is to connect the speaker to your phone and then connect your phone to the Xbox via the Xbox app. 
  • Question: Where is the Bluetooth button on Xbox One?
  • Answer: Xbox One consoles do not have a Bluetooth button because the consoles do not use Bluetooth. Instead, they use a proprietary connection protocol. 
  • However, the consoles have a pairing button next to the USB port on the front of the console. The button is used to connect a controller to the console wirelessly. 


Notably, there is no completely reliable way of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to the Xbox One. The available methods have frustrating restrictions and poor audio quality and can only be used when someone is very desperate. 

Therefore, before connecting the speaker to your Xbox, consider connecting the speaker to the monitor or TV.

If the monitor/TV does not support Bluetooth, consider using a 3.5mm cable between the TV and the speaker, assuming both devices have an aux port.

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