How Long Do JBL Speakers Take To Charge? (Charging Times Explained)

JBL speakers allow you to stream audio wirelessly from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. Some models even support multipoint connectivity, which means you can pair more than one speaker for an immersive audio experience.

That’s not all. Their batteries offer over 24 hours of listening time between charges. However, the recharge times vary from one model to the next.

This begs the question, how long do JBL speakers take to charge? Let’s find out…

How Long Do JBL Speakers Take to Charge

Key Takeaways

  • JBL speakers with average-capacity batteries require less than 2 hours to charge from an empty state.
  • JBL speakers with high-capacity batteries require 4-7 hours to recharge from an empty state.
  • Recharge times vary based on the current state of charge, battery health, maximum battery capacity, battery temperature, and power output.
  • JBL speakers have smart circuits that regulate the charging process, preventing the battery from overcharging. 

How Long Do JBL Speakers Take to Charge?

As mentioned at the outset, JBL speakers have varying charging times based on the model and the battery capacity. As such, some JBL speakers only require 2 hours to fully recharge, while others need over 6 hours. 

Here is a list of the most popular JBL speakers with their recharge times:

SpeakerCharge time
JBL Go 32.5h
JBL Clip 43h
JBL Clip 33h
JBL JR Pop2h
JBL Flip 52.5h
JBL Charge 44h
JBL Charge 54h
JBL Xtreme 23.5h
JBL Xtreme 32.5h
JBL Pulse 43.5h
JBL Boombox 26.5h
JBL Boombox 36.5h
JBL PartyBox On-The-Go3.5h
JBL PartyBox 1103.5h
JBL PartyBox 3103.5h
Average Charging Times of Popular JBL Speakers

Average Charging Times of Popular JBL Speakers

What Determines the Charging Speed of a JBL Speaker?

Factors that determine how long your JBL speakers take to charge include: 

Maximum Battery Capacity

A high-capacity battery requires more time to recharge. For instance, a full recharge takes longer (about 7 hours) on the JBL Boombox 2 since it has a 24,000mAh battery. In contrast, the JBL Go 3 has a 730mAh battery, requiring about 2 hours and 30 minutes to recharge.

Maximum Charge Rate

Your JBL speaker battery can only accept a specific charge rate current. Therefore, the recharge times will depend on the maximum charging rate your speaker supports. The speaker won’t charge faster than the specified charge rate, even if you connect a charger with a higher rate.

Does Using a Higher-Rate Charger Improve Charge Time?

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Current Battery Charge Status

The battery’s state of charge determines how long it will take to charge your JBL speaker. After all, an empty battery takes longer to recharge than a half-full or nearly-full battery. JBL recommends that you shouldn’t let your battery drain to zero. Recharge your speaker as soon as you notice the blinking warning light.

Power Output

The power source wattage or voltage affects charging speed. For instance, your speaker will charge slower when connected to a computer’s USB port than a wall adapter. Your PC’s USB port can only deliver 0.5A of current, while an ac adapter provides up to 5A. Switching to a compatible charger can reduce recharge times.

Using a dedicated charger will charge your JBL speaker's battery faster than a USB cable connected to your PC

Using a dedicated charger will charge your JBL speaker’s battery faster than a USB cable connected to your PC

Battery Health

JBL speakers use Lithium-ion batteries. Even though these batteries are renowned for their durability and energy retention, they deteriorate with every charge cycle. A degraded battery might charge slower than expected.

Battery Temperature

The battery’s internal resistance increases when cold, causing the speaker to charge slowly. Conversely, high temperatures drain the battery faster, meaning you must recharge the speaker more often. 

Battery drains faster in high temperatures and charges slower in low temperatures

Battery drains faster in high temperatures and charges slower in low temperatures

Charging Cable Condition

The latest JBL speakers come with a USB-C charging cable included in the package. The cable’s condition determines how fast or slow your speaker can charge. If the charging cord is old, it might not transfer current as efficiently as a new one. Replacing the old cable can help increase charging speeds.

How to Increase the Charging Speed of Your JBL Speaker?

Charging your JBL can be painstakingly slow. The good news is that there are several ways you can boost your speaker’s recharge speed. You only need to:

Use a Compatible Cable or Charger

Using the incorrect charging cable or an incompatible charger can cause your JBL speaker to charge slowly. It might also damage the battery or impact the speaker’s performance. Always use the supplied USB-C cable for optimal charging performance. You should also purchase a genuine replacement if the provided cable is worn out or lost.

Switch to a Power Adapter

You can charge your JBL speaker via your computer’s USB port or a compatible charger. However, as you already know, your PC’s USB can only deliver 0.5A of current, leading to slower charging times. Switch to a compatible ac adapter (charger) to speed up the charging process. A charger can deliver up to 5A of current for optimal charging performance.

Avoid Using Your JBL Speaker While Charging

While you can use the speaker while charging, doing so is not advisable since your device will take longer to recharge. Keeping the speaker off and connecting it to a power outlet can help increase charging speeds.

Keep Your JBL Speaker at Room Temperature

As mentioned before, avoid charging your JBL speaker in extremely hot or cold temperatures. The battery’s internal resistance increases when cold, causing the speaker to charge slowly. On the other hand, extreme heat causes the battery to drain faster. As such, charging at room temperature can help improve recharge times.

Charge Your JBL Speaker Regularly

You shouldn’t let your battery drain to zero. Doing so means you must wait longer for a full recharge. Besides, discharging the battery regularly can impact its performance or damage it. Charge your JBL speaker as regularly as needed to avoid prolonged charging times.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Is it OK to charge my JBL speaker overnight?
  • Answer: It is safe to charge your JBL speaker overnight without causing battery damage. JBL speakers have AI circuits that monitor the charging process to prevent overcharging. The speaker will go into trickle mode when the battery level reaches 100%, discontinuing the charging process.
  • Question: Can I use my JBL speaker while charging?
  • Answer: Yes. You can use your JBL speaker while charging without much fuss. JBL speakers have a built-in battery with AI circuits, making them safe to use while charging. However, using your speaker while charging impacts recharge times. The speaker’s battery will take a longer time to reach 100%. If the battery is empty, you must recharge the speaker for at least 10 minutes before using it.
  • Question: How do I check my JBL battery level?
  • Answer: JBL speakers have an indicator light that displays the battery and charge status. Depending on the speaker model, the indicator might glow white, red, or amber to display the current battery level. Some have several indicator lights that show the battery level. Refer to your speaker’s user manual to know what each color means.

How to Check the Battery Level on a JBL Speaker?

How To Check the Battery Level Of Your JBL Flip 6 Portable Speaker
  • Question: How many hours does a JBL speaker last?
  • Answer: Playtime depends on various factors, including the specific speaker model, frequency of use, volume level, battery capacity, charge cycles, and environmental conditions. For instance, the JBL Charge 4 provides up to 20 hours of playtime at half volume. Conversely, the JBL Boombox 3 has a maximum listening time of 24 hours. 
  • Question: Can I charge my JBL speaker with my phone charger?
  • Answer: Yes. You can charge your JBL speaker with a standard phone charger. However, the charger must have the recommended amperage rating to meet the speaker’s power requirements. Using a low-voltage charger might increase recharge times or your speaker might not charge at all.


JBL speakers are distinguished for their impressive battery life. Top options like the JBL Charge 5 and the JBL Boombox 3 provide over 20 hours of listening time. That said, the recharge times also vary based on the model you are using. Some JBL speakers require only 2 hours to charge. Others have high-capacity batteries, requiring more time to recharge.

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