How Long Does It Take For Beats To Charge? (Answered)

Beats headphones and earphones are among the best available in the market. They have advanced Active Noise Cancellation that greatly improves the listening experience. 

Due to this and several other factors, I considered getting the Beats Solo 3 headphones to use when going to the gym. However, before committing to a purchase, I had to know as much as possible about the headphones, especially how long they would take me to charge them and how long the battery would last. 

After extensive reading of the beats and Apple support pages, I finally learned how long it would take to charge the Beats regardless of the model. Read on so that you, too, can make an informed choice or adequately diagnose the beats if you suspect an error with the charging

How Long Does It Take for Beats to Charge

Key Takeaways

  • Beats earbuds take approximately one and a half hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent.
  • When the buds are charged simultaneously with the case it will take two and a half hours to fully charge them. 
  • Beats headphones take an average of two hours to charge from zero to a hundred percent. 
  • Some aspects, like the power source and charging equipment, affect the charging rate of your beats. 
  • Beats headphones are equipped with a fast-charging feature called fast fuel that allows users to charge the beats for five minutes and enjoy one to one and a half hours of usage time for earbuds and three hours for headphones. 
  • Factors like volume level and enabled features affect how fast the battery drains
  • The LEDs on the headphones and earbuds can easily tell you the battery capacity during charging and normal usage of the headphones. 

Beats Headphones and Earbuds – Estimated Charging Times

Beats Studio 32h
Beats Solo 3 (2019)1h 25min
Beats Fit Pro1h 20min
Beats Solo Pro1h 15min
Beats Flex1h 10min
Beats Studio Buds55min
Beats Powerbeats Pro45min

How Long Does It Take to Charge Beats Headphones and Earbuds?

Beats headphones and earbuds charge at different rates because of the battery sizes and the components on the devices. 

For instance, Beats earbuds take approximately ninety minutes to charge from zero to a hundred percent. But when you charge the earbuds while in the case and both the buds and the case are at zero percent, they will get to a hundred after two and a half hours

Fortunately, the case stores a charge that you can use to recharge the buds at an average of two times per day, increasing the time you can keep using them. 

On the other hand, Beats headphones take two hours to charge from zero to one hundred percent. 

You will notice that the beats will charge fast until they reach eighty percent, then slow down until they reach a hundred. This deliberate feature, called tickle charging, helps prolong the beats’ battery life. 

How to Charge Beats Studio 3

How to Charge Your Beats | Beats Studio3 Wireless

What Affects My Beats Charging Speed?

Some factors affect how long it will take the Beats to charge. The approximations above are made with the assumption that the headphones and charger are in perfect condition.

However, the variables listed below can impact the time it takes to charge your headphones.

Have the Batteries Been Idle?

If the beats remain unused for a long period, the battery might go into hibernation to extend its lifespan.

Also, if you leave the battery discharged for extended periods, it will take longer to get to a full charge the next time you charge them.

Therefore, if any of these cases apply to you, connect the earbuds to a working charger and power outlet and leave them connected for at least five minutes before panicking that they are not charging.

If the LEDs on the beats do not flicker after five minutes, indicating they are charging, leave them connected for an hour. If the Beats are still not charging after an hour, there is a problem with the battery, charging system, or power outlet. 

What Power Source Are You Using?

Beats can be charged via a USB cable connected to an AC power adapter or a laptop/ desktop. 

When connected to a quality AC power adapter, the beats tend to charge faster than when connected to a USB port of any device. Therefore, if you want the beats to charge faster, consider using a power adapter instead of a USB port on your laptop or TV. 

Is the Charger a Quality One?

Another important factor is using a compatible quality charger and USB cable. A substandard AC adapter will likely damage the Beats’ batteries or charge slower than the expected average charging time. 

To ensure you have a quality AC adapter, get one from a nearby reputable store.

Are the Beats in Use While Charging?

If you use the Beats headphones while charging them, they will take longer to charge than when you let them charge without any interruptions

If the headphones have drained batteries, you can use the RemoteTalk cable, eliminating the need for a battery. However, note that while using the cable, you cannot access features like Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode, as these require the battery to work. 

How Do I Know that My Beats Are Charging and Full?

Beats headphones have LEDs on the right earcup called the fuel gauge. These LEDs help tell the user how much battery is left when the headphones are used. 

The fuel gauge tells you how much battery is left

The fuel gauge tells you how much battery is left

The LEDs also tell the user how far the battery is from getting t a hundred percent when charging. 

As the headphones charge, the fuel gauge LEDs will flash progressively from the first to the last as the battery percentage increases. You will know the headphones are fully charged when the fuel gauge LED lights a solid white without blinking. 

To check the battery percentage when the headphones are not charging, press the power button once, and the fuel gauge will flash, indicating the battery capacity. Each LED on the gauge represents approximately twenty percent; therefore, the battery is around forty percent if two LEDs flash. 

The fuel gauge is located on the right earcup below the power button. 

When charging the Beats Flex earphones, the LED on the power button will flash red and white to show they are fully charged

When the Flex earphones are turned on and not connected to a charger, they will light white to show you have more than an hour of listening time, and red indicates you have less than an hour, while a flashing red means they are running low and should be charged as soon as possible. 

If you have the Beats earbuds, you will need an iPhone, iPad, Android, or a Mac to tell the exact battery percentage. However, the case will light red when you open it to show it has less than forty percent charge and should be recharged soon. 

To know the exact percentage of the buds’ pair them to your iPhone or iPad and use the batteries widget

Battery Widget

Battery Widget

On the other hand, if you have an Android device that does not show battery percentages Bluetooth connected devices, you can use the Beats app for Android and the battery percentage will be displayed on top of the home screen. 

Beats App

Beats App

You can also use a Mac by opening the Apple menu, going to Bluetooth, and selecting the earbuds from the list of connected devices.

How Long Will the Beats Be in Use After a Full Charge?

Assuming you use the beats when fully charged at a fifty percent volume level, the headphones can last up to 40 hours if you turn off Active Noise Cancellation

If you activate ANC, the headphones will last approximately twenty-two hours. If you use fast fuel and charge the headphones for five minutes, the battery will last three hours, assuming the volume is fifty percent and ANC is turned off.

The beats earbuds will last for about seven to nine hours, depending on the model, but once you recharge the buds using the case, they can go up to twenty-four hours. If you use the fast fuel and charge the buds for five minutes, they will serve you for one to one and a half hours, assuming the volume is at fifty percent. 

The Flex earphones can last up to twelve hours on a full battery. 

Can My Beats Overcharge?

You can leave the Beats connected to the charger, and they will not overcharge. That is because they have lithium-ion batteries with technology preventing them from overcharging.

However, it is recommended that you disconnect the Beats from the charger whenever you notice they are fully charged to avoid unprecedented damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How long does Beats Solo 3 take to charge?
  • Answer: The Beats solo 3 will take two hours to charge if connected to an AC adapter connected to a working power outlet. They will take longer if you use a USB cable without an AC adapter.
  • You can also use the fast fuel feature by charging them for five minutes and enjoy up to three hours of listening. 
  • Question: Is it ok to leave Beats charging overnight?
  • Answer: Yes, you can leave your beats charging overnight without the risk of overcharging. Once they charge to a hundred, they stop charging to preserve the battery. However, avoid leaving them charging overnight if you can. 
  • Question: How do I know my beats are fully charged?
  • Answer: Check the fuel gauge on the right earcup to know if your Beats headphones are fully charged. If all the LEDs are solid white, the Beats are charged, and you can unplug them from the power outlet. 
  • The LED on the Beats earbud case blinks light white when fully charged, and so does the LED on the power button on Flex earphones.


You can efficiently plan your day by knowing how long it takes to charge your headphones and earbuds. Fortunately, beats have a fast fuel feature that allows an adequate usage time on a five-minute charge. 

Always ensure the charging ports on your Beats are clean and dry to avoid any charging issues that will damage the headphones. If you need to replace the battery, do it through a trusted Beats service provider to avoid breaching your warranty terms and to get access to experienced technicians. 

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