How To Put Samsung Earbuds In Pairing Mode (Step-By-Step Instructions)

I have the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro earbuds, which have been the best since I purchased them. The amazing features accessible through the Galaxy Wearable app further enhance the efficiency of the Galaxy earbuds. 

Since Samsung makes Galaxy earbuds, most people think they can only work with Samsung devices. But that is not the case; you can pair your Galaxy buds to other devices provided they have Bluetooth connectivity and the Galaxy buds are put in pairing mode.

Read on as I explain how you can put any of your Galaxy earbuds in pairing mode so they can connect to other devices. 

How To Put Samsung Earbuds In Pairing Mode

Key Takeaways

  • If the earbuds have been idle or unused for a while or are brand new, charge them using a USB charger before putting them in pairing mode. 
  • You will know the earbuds are charging when the battery indicator on the earbud’s case lights solid red. When it lights solid green, that means the earbuds are fully charged. 
  • If the earbud battery indicator is not flashing after opening the case, leave the buds charging for ten minutes or more
  • The earbuds are automatically in pairing mode when you open the case assuming the case and earbuds are fully charged. 
  • If the buds are not in pairing mode, close the case and leave it closed for seven seconds or more, then open the case. 
  • You can also manually initiate pairing mode by putting the earbuds in your ears and then touching and holding the touch area on both buds until you hear a beep from the earbuds. 
  • If the buds are left in pairing mode for more than three minutes without connecting to a device, they will deactivate pairing mode.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Getting Galaxy Earbuds in Pairing Mode

Before initiating pairing mode on your Galaxy buds, ensure you understand the battery state of the buds and the charging case. You can tell the battery percentage by looking at the battery LEDs on the front of the case and the one inside the case. 

The light in the case conveys the earbuds’ battery information, while the one outside the case conveys information about the battery status of the case. 

Battery indicators on the charging case

Battery indicators on the charging case

So, if the light inside the case is solid red, the buds are charging, and if it is green, it means the buds are fully charged. If it starts blinking red, that means there is a problem with the earbuds’ charging which is most likely because of extreme temperatures. 

 A solid green light on the case also means the case is fully charged; a solid red light means its charging, and a blinking red light means there is a problem with the charging, and you should ensure the buds are in an environment with room temperature, i.e., not too cold or too hot. 

If the light on the case flashes red after you close the case and unplug it, that means the battery is low, below 10%, and if the light stays on for five seconds, the battery is above 10% but below 29%. 

If it stays yellow for five seconds, your battery percentage is between 30 to 59%, and green means it is 60% and above.

How to Check Battery Levels of the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Charging Case

Galaxy Buds Live - How to check battery level / charge in earbuds and charging case?

If you open the case and realize that the LEDs are flashing red, charge the earbuds to full capacity, especially if you are setting them up for the first time. After the battery is fully charged, continue with the pairing process below:

  • Ensure the buds are properly seated within the case, and the charging contacts on the buds and the case are properly aligned.
  • Close the case, leave it closed for ten seconds, then open it. If you open the case and the lights are not flashing, connect, then close the case and charge it for ten minutes.
  • Open the case, and the earbuds will automatically be in pairing mode, and you can continue the connection process on your other device.

How to Manually Enable Pairing Mode on Galaxy Earbuds

Alternatively, you can manually initiate the pairing mode by following the steps below:

  • Return the buds into the case if they were outside and close the case for seven to ten seconds. 
  • Open the case, pick up the earbuds, and place them in your ears.
  • Touch and hold the touch area on both earbuds until you hear a beep from the earbuds. That indicates that they are in pairing mode, and you can continue the connection process on the other device. 
  • Some buds, like the Galaxy Pro 2 will flash the battery LED red, green, and blue to indicate they are in pairing mode.

How to Put Galaxy Buds in Pairing Mode Manually

Galaxy Buds: How to Put into Pairing Mode -2 Ways (Won't Pair or Find? FIXED)

This procedure works when you want to connect the earbuds to another device in case the earbuds were already connected to a different one.

If you return the buds to their case and close it, the earbuds will power off and go out of pairing mode or disconnect from a device if they were already connected.

Note that if you used the Galaxy Wearable app to preset the touch and hold function to adjust the volume, you cannot use this method to manually enter pairing mode while playing music through the buds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Where is the pairing button on Galaxy buds?
  • Answer: Galaxy earbuds do not have a dedicated pairing button. Instead, they automatically go into pairing mode anytime you open the galaxy case. 
  • If that does not get them in pairing mode and you are certain the buds are fully charged, return them in the case, close the case, and leave it closed for a least ten seconds. 
  • Then open the case and check whether the earbuds are discoverable on your phone or iPad. 
  • You can manually initiate pairing mode if the buds are still not in pairing mode or are already connected to another device. 
  • Do this by removing them from the case, inserting them into your ears, then touching and holding the touch area until you hear a beep. 
  • Question: Can you connect Galaxy buds without the app?
  • Answer: Yes, you can connect the bud without downloading the app. To do this, simply open the case when the buds are fully charged, and the buds will go into pairing mode. 
  • If they are already connected to another device, disable Bluetooth connectivity on that device or manually initiate pairing mode. To do this, place the buds in your ears, assuming they are fully charged, and touch and hold the touch area until you hear a beep. 
  • Question: How do I factory reset my earbuds?
  • Answer: You can reset the buds by ensuring they are fully charged and already paired with your phone. 
  • Launch the app to clear any preset touch functions set through the Galaxy Wearable app and scroll down to the About earbuds option. Then, tap Reset, and confirm it by tapping Reset again. 

Resetting Galaxy Buds

How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy Buds 2? Factory Reset Galaxy Buds - Restore Default Settings


Galaxy earbuds are one of the easiest earbuds to get into pairing mode. They are also easy to pair with other devices, and if the earbuds do not go into pairing mode, you can restart them to initiate pairing mode. 

A restart entails returning the buds to the case and then closing the case for seven to ten seconds. Once you re-open it, they should be in pairing mode.

If the earbuds exhibit issues when initiating pairing mode, ensure they are fully charged, and if the issues persist, contact Samsung’s customer support. 

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