Bose SoundLink Mini Not Charging (Fix It Easily)

I recently noticed that my Bose Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker was not charging, regardless of how long I left it plugged in. 

After a few days of endless frustration, I embarked on an online search for troubleshooting measures that would solve my problem. 

In this article, I have included all the tips I gathered that can help you overcome the same problem, as I know there are more people out there dealing with a Soundlink mini speaker that is not charging

Bose SoundLink Mini Not Charging

Key Takeaways

  • A defective or poorly connected charging cable could be the main reason the Soundlink Mini speaker is not charging.
  • If you notice that the battery is damaged, you can send the speaker to Bose, and they will change the battery at a fee.
  • You can reset a Bose Soundlink Mini speaker by pressing and holding the Mute button until all the LEDs flash.
  • Should you decide to change the battery, ensure you get one with the same model number as the battery in the speaker. If you get a different model number, the battery will be incompatible with the speaker.

Bose SoundLink Mini

Bose SoundLink Mini

Why Won’t My Bose SoundLink Mini Charge?

Various factors could cause the Bose SoundLink Mini not to charge. The possible causes are as follows:

  • A damaged power outlet or a damaged charging port on the speaker.
  • A low-quality charger/USB cable that is incompatible with the speaker’s battery.
  • A damaged charger or cable.
  • A worn-out battery.
  • A poorly connected charger.
  • A malfunction of the speaker’s charging system.

Check the Power Source 

The first thing you should do when you realize that the speaker is not charging is to check the power outlet. Ensure it is on and working before assuming that the speaker could be the problem.

You can disconnect the charger from the current power outlet and insert another device to check whether the outlet works as it should. You can also switch off the power outlet and switch it back on or try a different power outlet. 

If you are certain there is no problem with the power outlet, proceed to the other suggestions mentioned below.

Reconnect the Charger

A poorly connected charger can also have problems charging the SoundLink Mini speaker. Therefore, disconnect the charger from the speaker and power outlet, then reconnect them. 

As you reconnect the charger, ensure it is firmly connected to the speaker and outlet.

reconnect the charger

If you use the Bose Charging cradle, disconnect it and use a USB cable to charge the speaker. This would rule out the possibility that the cradle is what has an issue and not the speaker.

If you were using the charging cradle, ensure that the pins on the cradle and speaker are in contact since if they are misaligned even slightly, the speaker will not charge.

For the speaker to charge, pins on the cradle and on the speaker have to be in contact

For the speaker to charge, pins on the cradle and on the speaker have to be in contact

Try a Different Charger

Chargers do not have similar properties; therefore, they may vary in how much power they transmit. If you are using a third-party charger, ensure it is quality and in good condition. 

You can charge the speaker with a different compatible charger if the current one is faulty. 

Bose recommends you use a charger with a power rating of 0.833Amp (A) and a 12V output voltage. You can check a charger’s rating online or on the label on the charger. 

Check the Charging Port on the SoundLink Mini

Another possible cause for the SoundLink Mini not charging could be a damaged or dirty charging port on the speaker. Therefore, check that the port is clean and in good condition.

Also, confirm that the charger’s connectors are in good condition and free from any lint affecting the charging process. 

If you notice any dirt on the speaker’s charging port or the charging connectors, use a soft-bristled brush and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to remove the dirt. 

Also, check that the charging cradle pins are clean; if not, clean them using a soft cloth and a fair amount of isopropyl alcohol. 

Reset the Speaker

A system reset erases a device’s memory and restores its default settings. Factory resetting a device also solves minor system malfunctions that stop the device from working as it should. Therefore, if the speaker is still not charging, factory reset it, then try charging. 

To reset your SoundLink Mini you have to press and hold the Mute button until all the LEDs on the speaker flash. But remember to ensure the speaker is on before trying to reset it.

Press and hold the MUTE button until the LEDs flash to reset your SoundLink Mini

Press and hold the MUTE button until the LEDs flash to reset your SoundLink Mini

It should take approximately ten seconds for the speaker to start resetting; if it does not, release the Mute button and press it again.

After you have reset the speaker, connect it to the charger and see whether it charges. 

How to Reset Bose SoundLink Mini

BOSE Soundlink Mini Not Working, Easy Reset

Drain the Battery and Try Recharging It

Other users who have experienced the problem of their SoundLink Minis not charging stated that the speakers started charging after they drained the battery. You could also use the speaker until the battery runs out and the speaker turns off by itself, then try recharging it.

To drain the battery, connect the speaker to another device via Bluetooth or Aux cable and play music until the speaker shuts down. 

Then try charging it and if it still does not charge, leave it connected to the charger for a least an hour. Then, check whether the speaker now receives power.

BONUS TIP – How to Replace Battery on Your SoundLink Mini

Here is How to Replace Bose Soundlink Mini Battery - With Amazon Link of New Battery

Contact Bose

If the speaker is still not charging, contact Bose and notify them of the issue your SoundLink Mini has and the troubleshooting measures you have already tried.

The customer representative will then guide you on how to send the speaker to a nearby Bose store so the speaker can be repaired. Most likely, the issue is the battery, and Bose will replace it with one compatible with your speaker. 

You should note your speaker’s serial number before contacting them, which helps ensure efficient service delivery. The serial number is on the rubber pad at the bottom of the speaker. 

Do not try to change the battery on your own, especially if you have no experience, as that will likely cause more damage to the speaker. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How to reset a Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker that won’t charge?
  • Answer: If your speaker is not charging, you can reset it by pressing and holding the mute button until all the speaker’s LEDs flash. Once they do, it means the speaker has been reset, and you can power it back on by pressing the power button. Remember to reset the speaker while it’s turned on, and if the LEDs don’t flash, release the Mute button and press it again until they flash.
  • Question: What does a flashing red light mean on a Bose SoundLink Mini?
  • Answer: The red flashing power LED indicates that the battery is almost running out, and you should recharge the speaker as soon as possible. Specifically, it indicates that the battery level is below 20%. However, the light can also mean a problem with the speaker’s battery, especially if it continues flashing even after charging the speaker.
  • Question: How do I know if I need a new battery for my Bose SoundLink Mini?
  • Answer: You will know your SoundLink Mini needs a new battery if it displays any of the following behaviors:
  • The battery drains faster than it usually does, even if you use the speaker at a low volume.
  • The battery never fully charges, regardless of how long you leave it connected to a power outlet.
  • The speaker goes off whenever you play loud music.
  • The SoundLink Mini does not charge regardless of whatever troubleshooting measures you try.
  • Question: How do I know if a SoundLink Mini speaker is charging?
  • Answer: You will know that your Bose Soundlink Mini is charging when you connect it to the charger or cradle and hear the speaker make a sound. Also, observe the power LED; you should see it blinking amber. You will know it is done charging when the power LED indicates solid Green.

power LED indicates solid Green


Unlike me, you have an outline of what you should do the next time your Bose Soundlink Mini refuses to charge. Remember to ensure the speaker has a 50 to 70% charge before storing it for long periods to prolong the battery life. 

The speaker should never be left unused for long periods if the battery is fully charged or is almost running out of charge, as these two instances will reduce the battery's life span. 

Therefore, ensure to store the Soundlink speaker when the LED power indicator lights Amber, indicating the battery percentage to be between 20 and 70.

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