How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Phone? (Android & iPhone)

The popularity of Bluetooth is growing by the day. Manufacturers also strive to produce quality speakers that rival some soundbar models. The speakers have exciting features that make them more appealing. For instance, brands like Harman Kardon and JBL produce speakers that can be paired and output audio in mono or stereo modes.

Intriguing as these features are, you must first understand how to pair the speakers to source devices. Generally, the pairing procedure is easy to follow, as we shall see in subsequent segments of this article. 

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Phone

Key Takeaways

  • Bluetooth speakers follow almost identical steps when pairing them to a phone.
  • However, there are slight variations depending on the speaker’s manufacturer and model of the speaker.
  • Before pairing any speaker, ensure it is adequately charged.
  • Then power on the speaker, which should automatically be in pairing mode if it’s new or has been reset.
  • Bluetooth speakers allow the users to get them into pairing mode by pressing a Bluetooth/pairing button or long pressing the power button.
  • Once pairing mode is active on the speaker, enable Bluetooth connectivity in your phone’s settings and look for the speaker.
  • The speaker’s name will most likely be the brand name then, followed by the model, e.g., JBL Clip 4.
  • Once you see the speaker, tap on it to complete the pairing process.
  • If prompted for a PIN, use the most common ones, i.e., 0000 or 1234.
  • Bluetooth speakers have LEDs that communicate the speaker’s pairing status, battery capacity, and more.
  • Once you have paired the speaker the next time you want to use it, power it on, get it in pairing mode, and enable Bluetooth on your phone, the devices will automatically pair. 

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Pairing a Bluetooth Speaker to Your Phone

Below are the steps to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an Android or iPhone

Power on the Speaker

The first step to connecting a Bluetooth speaker to a phone is to power on the speaker. As the speaker turns on, observe the LEDs as they communicate information about the speaker’s pairing and battery states. 

A flashing red LED insinuates that the speaker’s battery is low, usually below ten to twenty percent, and should be recharged. 

A flashing blue or white LED usually means the speaker is in pairing mode. Always consult the speaker’s user manual to decode the LED’s behavior.

Enable Pairing Mode on the Speaker

If the speaker has never been paired to a source device, it will automatically go into pairing mode, and most models will provide a voice prompt that the speaker is in pairing mode.

However, if the speaker has been previously connected to a source device, e.g., a phone or laptop, and the device’s Bluetooth connectivity is switched on and is in range of the speaker, the two will automatically pair. 

You can manually enable pairing mode to connect a different device to the speaker. This is done differently depending on the speaker’s manufacturer and model. Some require you to press the power button for three to five seconds, while other models have a dedicated Bluetooth button that you press, and the speaker goes into pairing mode. 

The speaker will flash the LED to show pairing mode is active, and some models will even play a voice prompt communicating the same. 

Ensure you have the speaker’s user manual nearby to find out how to enable pairing mode and manually understand what the LEDs mean. 

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Enable Bluetooth Settings on Your Phone

After enabling the pairing mode go to your phone and enable Bluetooth settings. The steps to do this differ depending on your phone’s operating system. Below are steps for enabling Bluetooth connectivity on Android phones and iPhones.

Android Phone

  • Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  • Navigate to Connected devices.
  • Tap the toggle switch next to Bluetooth to turn on Bluetooth connectivity. The switch will be brightly highlighted to show Bluetooth is on.

turn on Bluetooth connectivity

  • Once Bluetooth is on, tap the ‘Pair new device’ option.
  • On most devices tapping the ‘Pair new device’ option will also enable Bluetooth connectivity automatically.
  • Wait as the phone scans for nearby available Bluetooth devices. This might take a few seconds, so be patient.
  • Once you see your speaker’s name, which will be the brand and model name, tap it, and the pairing should be complete within a few seconds.
  • If prompted for a PIN, use the most common ones, which are 0000 and 1234. Check the user manual or contact the speaker’s manufacturer for the correct code if those do not work.

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On your iPhone, select the Settings app, then go to Bluetooth and ensure the toggle switch is highlighted green to show Bluetooth is on. 

Bluetooth is on

If not, tap on the slider, and it should move to the right and be highlighted green, showing Bluetooth connectivity is enabled on the iPhone.

A few seconds after enabling Bluetooth, the speaker’s name should appear under Other Devices’.

Tap the speaker name and wait a few seconds for the speaker and iPhone to pair. If prompted for a code, try the most common ones, 0000 and 1234.

If they do not work, consult the speaker’s user manual or contact the manufacturer’s customer support team and request the code.  

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Immediately after the speaker and phone pair, you will hear a voice prompt or a distinct tone on the speaker indicating that the pairing process was successful. The Bluetooth/power LED will also stop blinking and light in a solid state.

Some speakers will automatically switch off if left in pairing mode for five minutes or more. So counter-check if the speaker is still in pairing mode.

Play Audio on the Speaker

Once connected, you can play audio on your phone and hear it through the speaker. You can use the speaker’s volume buttons or your phone’s volume controls to adjust the volume to your preference.

The speaker’s Volume up and Volume down buttons can also skip to the next and previous tracks.

Also, most manufacturers have a companion app for their speakers that provide users with more features like updating the speaker’s firmware, using the equalizer, and even connecting the speaker to other speakers for better sound output.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I reset my Bluetooth speaker?
  • Answer: The resetting procedure varies depending on the speaker’s manufacturer and model. However, the most common reset procedures include pressing and holding the power button for five to ten seconds until the speaker restarts. 

Resetting UE BOOM 3 Speaker

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  • Some models require you to press a combination of keys like the multifunction and volume-up buttons. 
  • To understand how to reset your speaker read the user manual or check the manufacturer’s website for the online menu. 
  • After resetting the speaker, you have to repeat the pairing process with all the previously connected devices, as a reset clears any pairing information.

Resetting JBL Boombox 3

  • Question: Why is my phone not connecting to my Bluetooth speaker?
  • Answer: A lot of reasons can prevent your phone and Bluetooth speaker from connecting. Below are some of the reasons and the possible solutions.
  • The speaker could be out of pairing mode. If the Bluetooth speaker is left in pairing mode for extended periods, it will automatically switch off to conserve power. Therefore, double-check that the pairing mode is activated on the speaker.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is affected by distance and the objects between the speaker and the phone. The distance between the speaker and the phone should be as small as possible during the pairing process. 
  • Interference from other wireless signals broadcasting at the same frequency as Bluetooth can also negatively impact Bluetooth connectivity. Turn off Bluetooth on all other devices or relocate to a different area that has fewer wireless signals broadcasting.
  • Outdated firmware on the phone and speaker can also affect the pairing process. Therefore, ensure both devices are updated. 
  • Question: How do you restart a speaker?
  • Answer: To restart a speaker, press the power button for two to five seconds to power it off and repeat the same process to power it on.
  • It is important that you have your speaker’s user manual, so you understand the correct restarting procedure that works for your speaker.
  • Question: Is there a reset button on a Bluetooth speaker?
  • Answer: There is no dedicated reset button; however, most Bluetooth speakers use the power button as a reset button. The speakers reset after you press and hold the button for a specific duration in seconds. 
  • Some models also use a combination of two buttons, e.g., the Volume up and the multifunction button.
  • Question: What is the MFB button?
  • Answer: A Multi-Function Button (MFB) is a multi-purpose button on Bluetooth speakers and headphones. The button serves different purposes, such as the Play/Stop and Bluetooth buttons. It can be used to answer and decline calls and so much more. 
  • This button is often found between the volume up and volume down buttons.


Once you know how to get a Bluetooth speaker in pairing mode, connecting it to your phone becomes easy. They will seamlessly connect as long as the speaker and phone are within each other’s Bluetooth range. 

However, you might sometimes encounter challenges like the speaker not appearing on your phone, which is why the user manual is important. It contains troubleshooting measures for various pairing problems, and you will learn about the speaker’s controls and LEDs.

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