How Long Does It Take To Charge Bluetooth Headphones? (Answered)

Wireless devices have steadily been taking over recently, from wireless connections to wireless charging. Thanks to this, we have Bluetooth headphones that are convenient because they declutter your environment and allow you to move freely with your day while listening to your preferred content. 

Rechargeable batteries that can hold power for hours are a major factor that has made these wireless connections possible. For instance, Bluetooth headphones have compact batteries that, once charged, can last up to twenty hours before needing a recharge.

Such aspects make one wonder how long it would take to recharge these headphones to determine whether they are worth it. My curiosity led me to a journey of figuring this out, and below are all the answers you need. 

How Long Does It Take To Charge Bluetooth Headphones

Key Takeaways

  • Typically, Bluetooth headphones take between one and three hours to recharge, with earbuds taking just under two hours.
  • However, some factors affect the time it takes to charge Bluetooth headphones. These factors include:
  • How old the headphones are?
  • The charging type that these headphones use.
  • The headphone’s battery capacity.
  • The charger used, whether it’s a fast charger or a regular charger.
  • The model and manufacturer of the headphones. 
  • You can usually tell what percentage the headphones are at while charging. To do this, observe the LEDs on the headphones or earbud’s charging case.
  • The LEDs are usually color coded to convey such information to the user. Often a solid green light means the headphones are full or almost full.
  • A red LED usually means the headphones are charging or there is a problem with the charging system.

How Long do Bluetooth Headphones Charge For?

Bluetooth headphones charge at different rates, but the average period ranges between two to three hours. Once the headphones are fully charged, they can last between five to twenty-four hours, depending on how you use them and what features you have activated. 

Bluetooth Headphones with Long Charging Times

SONY WH-CH700N6h 10min
Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT5h 20min
SONY WH-CH5104h 20min
Avantree HT50093h 40min
TREBLAB Z7 PRO3h 20min
Skullcandy Crusher Evo3h 20min
SONY WH-1000XM53h

However, how long it takes the headphones to charge is more complex since there are factors that determine how long a Bluetooth headphone will charge. 

These factors are:

The Size of the Battery

Bluetooth headphones have different-capacity batteries. For instance, an over-ear headphone has a bigger battery than an earbud

Therefore, the earbud will charge faster than the over-ear headphone assuming all other factors are constant.

Usually, earbuds have small cylindrical or oval batteries, while over-ear headphones use larger batteries, usually rectangular. 

The Charging Method Used

Bluetooth headphones have different charging options. You can connect them to your PC or laptop via a USB cable, and they will charge, although slowly.

If you connect the same headphones to a power outlet using a recommended adapter and USB cable, you will notice that the headphones will charge faster. 

Also, earbuds can be charged using a USB cable or wirelessly via a wireless charging pad, but wireless charging is slower than wired charging. Note that although wired charging is faster, it is only faster by a slight margin, and some wireless chargers are quite advanced and can rival wired charging speeds.

The charging method matters since different methods output different power levels. 

The Type of Charger Used

The headphone’s original charger will likely charge faster than a third-party charger

Also, if you use a charger with compatible power ratings like Bluetooth headphones, charging will be faster than using a charger with lower ratings. 

The type of charger also matters since some headphones, especially earbuds, are capable of fast charging, which can only be achieved by an equally fast charger.

Also, some older headphones still use the USB mini port, which is relatively slower than the USB-C charging mechanism. 

Bluetooth Headphones with Short Charging Times

Skullcandy Riff Wireless 21h
Sennheiser PXC 550-II1h 20min
Jabra Evolve2 65 Wireless1h 25min
Beats Solo3 (2019)1h 25min
Apple AirPods Max1h 30min
JBL CLUB 700BT1h 30min
JBL TUNE 750BTNC1h 35min
Skullcandy Hesh ANC1h 35min
Anker Soundcore Life Q301h 40min
Bowers & Wilkins PX71h 40min
Skullcandy Hesh Evo1h 40min
JBL TUNE 510BT1h 50min
Anker Soundcore Life Q351h 50min
JBL LIVE 650 BTNC1h 50min
Bose QuietComfort QC452h
Beats Studio32h
Plantronics BackBeat Go 8102h
Bose QuietComfort QC35 II2h 5min

The Age of the Bluetooth Headphones

Time has a way of wearing out devices, and headphones are no exception. If you have had your headphones for a year or longer, you will likely notice they take longer to charge and lose power faster.

Modern batteries, like lithium-ion batteries, have a specific amount of charge cycles. After the cycles are depleted or are close to being depleted, you will notice the battery starts taking longer to charge and drains faster.

A charge cycle entails the number of times you use 100% of the battery meaning lithium-ion batteries can only undergo a certain number of charge cycles before they start to degrade. 

The Model and Manufacturer of the Headphones

Some manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are known to produce quality headphones that have advanced features. These manufacturers are often trendsetters, and others follow. 

Some manufacturers also have different tiers of Bluetooth headphones, with some having features like fast charging and other products that have these features stripped down to fit a certain price range. 

It is important to always go through the headphones manual to understand what exact category your headphone fits in.

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Should I Charge My Bluetooth Headphones when They Are Brand-New?

Often when the headphones are out of the box new, they have a  40 to 60 percent charge, which is a decent amount for maintaining the battery’s quality. 

Therefore, you should fully charge the headphones before setting them up for the first time.

Can Bluetooth Headphones Overcharge?

Modern headphones have mechanisms that stop the charging process whenever the batteries are full. So, it is unlikely that the headphones will overcharge. 

However, you should disconnect the headphones from the charger to avoid overheating.

What Happens When the Headphones Stay for a Long Time Without Being Charged?

The battery quality will be maintained if you leave the headphones with a battery capacity of 40 to 60%. However, leaving the batteries fully charged or discharged may damage them

Some headphones have a feature that puts the battery in hibernation if they remain unused for days. This is meant to conserve the battery and help it retain its quality. 

To get the headphones out of this mode, you must connect them to a charger and leave them connected for a certain period, usually ten seconds or ten minutes.

Can I Use the Headphones While They Are Charging?

Some headphones allow you to use them while charging, while others require you to let them charge first. The easiest way to find out how your headphones work is to check the user manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I know when my Bluetooth headphone is fully charged?
  • Answer: Most Bluetooth headphones use LEDs to show the battery state. Some earbuds have these LEDs on them, while others have the LEDs on the charging case.
  • If your earbuds have an LED on the case, there will be two LEDs – one for the case and one for the buds. 
  • Most headphones use green to show that they are fully charged. However, consult the user manual to be sure.
  • Question: How do I check my Bluetooth headphones’ battery?
  • Answer: The LEDs on the earbuds’ case or the headphones also indicate what percentage the battery is on. For instance, Galaxy buds blink green to show a percentage higher than 60 and red when the battery is low. 
  • If the headphones have a companion app, you can also use it to check the status of the battery.
  • Question: Can I change my Bluetooth headphones’ battery?
  • Answer: On some headphone models, the batteries are replaceable. However, you should only attempt to replace them if the manual states that you can. On most Bluetooth headphones, the batteries are not replaceable.


To know the exact duration your headphones will take to recharge, you have to rely on the user manual or do your own test. If you cannot find the manual, you can always do a quick online search since most headphone manufacturers ensure the manuals are available online. 

If you notice your headphones take longer than usual to recharge, they are likely damaged and require an expert’s attention. Always visit any center near you that belongs to the headphone manufacturer to avoid quacks and not break the warranty terms.

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