5 Ways To Fix JLab Earbuds Not Pairing

JLab earbuds have grown popular over the years thanks to their fair pricing and various features. 

The earbuds generally work as expected; if they do not, the two-year warranty helps you get a replacement. Because of these factors, I recently purchased the JBUDS AIR EXECUTIVE, and they never gave me any problems apart from the left earbud disconnecting from the right one and refusing to reconnect. But that was easily solved by restarting the earbuds.

Things changed when the earbuds would not pair to any device, regardless of how many times I restarted them. Eventually, I could pair them to my phone after canvasing the internet for solutions. 

In the process, I realized many JLab earbud users were experiencing the same problem. Hence this article aims to help people experiencing the same problem. 

JLab Earbuds Not Pairing

Key Takeaways 

  • The leading cause of JLab earbuds not pairing to a source device is that they are connected to a different device. Other causes include:
  • The earbuds are not powered on, or the battery is drained.
  • The earbuds were not correctly disconnected from the last device they were connected to.
  • A firmware malfunction that can be solved by restarting or resetting the earbuds.
  • Signal interference from other Bluetooth devices around.
  • A system malfunction of the device you are trying to pair with the earbuds.
  • The earbuds could also be damaged.
  • Most of these issues are solvable, but if they persist, contact customer support. They will suggest further solutions or provide a replacement if the earbuds are still under warranty.

JLab Earbuds Not Pairing – Troubleshooting Steps

Restart the Earbuds

When you realize the earbuds are not pairing to a source device or each other, the first solution should be to restart them.

Powering the earbuds off and then on allows them to stop all system processes that could be malfunctioning and restart them, hopefully without any hiccups. 

Most JLab True Wireless earbuds will automatically power off when you put them in the charging case and power on when you take them out. 

If the buds do not power off when they are in the case, you can still manually power them off. The steps to do this differ depending on the earbuds model.

Alternatively, if you leave the earbuds powered on without being connected to any device, they will power off after three minutes. You can power them on by holding the touchpad until you hear a ‘hello’ voice prompt. 

You can also power them off by touching and holding the touchpad until you hear a ‘Goodbye’ audio prompt.

To manually power off JLab Jbuds Air, you have to press and hold the buttons on each earbud for 5 seconds

To manually power off JLab Jbuds Air, you have to press and hold the buttons on each earbud for 5 seconds

After restarting the earbuds, ensure they are in pairing mode before enabling Bluetooth on the source device you want to connect them to.

You will know they are in pairing mode when one earbud’s LED flashes blue and white while the other lights solid white. Both buds might flash blue and white on some models instead of only one. 

On most JLab earbud models, the pairing mode is indicated by one earbud blinking blue and white while the LED on the other earbud stays solid white

On most JLab earbud models, the pairing mode is indicated by one earbud blinking blue and white while the LED on the other earbud stays solid white

Disable Bluetooth on Nearby Devices

If restarting the earbuds does not help, then it could be that the earbuds are trying to connect to a different device

JLab earbuds will go into pairing mode when you power them on, and they will reconnect to the device they were connected to last if the device’s Bluetooth is enabled and is within range. 

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To prevent such a scenario from happening, ensure Bluetooth connectivity is disabled on all devices that are around you. Also, switch off then on Bluetooth on the source device you want to connect to the earbuds.

Once this is done, restart the earbuds and check whether they pair with the source device this time. These steps will also help if only one earbud connects to the source device.

Reset the Earbuds

A factory reset is one way of troubleshooting the earbuds, especially regarding issues with the pairing process. A reset will clear all connection information stored in the buds and allow them to reconnect to each other and a source device. 

Before resetting the earbuds, ensure you have forgotten them from any source device they were previously connected to. Also, consider forgetting other Bluetooth devices previously connected to the source device to increase your chances of a successful pairing process. 

Make sure to forget your JLab earbuds from the list of paired devices on your phone

Make sure to forget your JLab earbuds from the list of paired devices on your phone

Also, note that JLab earbuds come in different models, and often, models also have different generations or versions. For instance, the JBUDS Air has three versions, each following different resetting procedures.

Luckily JLab has a comprehensive user manual website where you can access your earbud’s user manual and find the resetting procedure under the Troubleshooting section.

To tell your earbuds version/generation check the bottom of the case and note the FCC ID.

Then go to the user manual page, click the letter (i) written after the model’s name, and compare the FCC IDs.

After resetting the earbuds, pair them to a source device and check whether it works this time. You might have to reset them a couple of times before they finally begin pairing, so do not give up.

Resetting JLab Jbuds Air

How to reset Jlab Jbuds Air by Soundproofbros

Check the Battery 

If the earbud’s battery is low or has run out, you will experience pairing issues. To overcome this, ensure the earbuds are adequately charged before pairing them to a source device. 

The LEDs on the case and the earbuds will tell you the battery level of the charging case and the buds, respectively. The light will behave differently when telling the battery percentage depending on the earbuds model, so consult the user manual to understand what they mean. 

If the buds have a little power left, they can tell you the battery is low through an audio prompt. 

If you note that the earbud’s battery is low, leave them charging for fifteen to thirty minutes before paring them to the source device. 

Try a Different Device

If the earbuds still have pairing issues even after resetting them, the problem could be with the source device, not the earbuds.

You can rule this out by trying to pair the earbuds with a different device after resetting them. 

Ensure that the only device with Bluetooth activated is the device you want to pair to the earbuds, and other devices have their Bluetooth switched off. 

If the earbuds work when connected to a different device, check for firmware updates on the troublesome device

You can also visit the manufacturer’s website for Bluetooth troubleshooting tips and why that particular device is not working with the JLab earbuds.

Contact Customer Support

If all the suggestions provided here do not work, contact JLab’s customer support team and request further assistance. 

Notify them of the troubleshooting solutions you have already tried since they are most likely to offer the exact solutions provided in this article.

If they do not have any more solutions or the solutions they provide do not work, make a warranty claim assuming the earbuds are still under warranty, and they will provide a replacement.

If your earbud’s warranty period has expired, consider purchasing a new pair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do you put JLab earbuds in pair mode?
  • Answer: JLab earbuds will go into pairing mode when you power them on. You will know they are in pairing mode when one earbud’s LED flashes blue and white and the other lights solid white
  • If the earbuds are paired with a device, and you want to get them into pairing mode, switch off Bluetooth on the device they are currently connected to, and the buds will go into pairing mode. 
  • Note that the buds will automatically connect to the device they were last connected to if Bluetooth is turned on and within range. 
  • Question: How do I reset my JLab Bluetooth earbuds?
  • Answer: Resetting JLab earbuds depends on the model and version of the buds. The steps to reset JBUDS AIR V1 (first generation) are:
  • Forget the earbuds from the source device and turn off its Bluetooth.
  • Turn off the earbuds by pressing the multifunction button on both buds until you hear a ‘Goodbye’ audio prompt.
  • While the earbuds are off, press and hold each earbud’s multifunction button for fifteen seconds. 
  • Release when the earbuds LED light solid white.
  • Wait ten seconds; the right earbud LED will start flashing white and blue, and the right one will stay solid white. That means they have reset and are in pairing mode.
  • You can tell your earbud’s version/generation by checking the FCC ID on the bottom of the charging case. Then go to the JLab user manual page and click the letter (i) after the model’s name. 
  • Question: How do you fix JLab earbuds when only one works?
  • Answer: If you notice that only one earbud works, try restarting both, and they should reconnect. You can restart them by putting them in the case and then closing them for ten seconds. Then take both buds out and see if they reconnect. 
  • If that does not work, reset the earbuds since that usually works. The resetting procedures differ depending on the earbuds model and version. So always consult the user manual on how to reset your specific model.


JLab earbuds come in different models and generations, making it challenging to describe operation procedures like resetting or manually powering them on. If you have problems operating your earbuds, visit JLab’s support website and download your manual.

Alternatively, contact customer support, who will help you with whatever issues you face.

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