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How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To TV With AUX Cable? (Setup Instructions)

Bluetooth speakers are essential gadgets since they are portable, resistant to dust and water, and tremendously improve audio quality. Most Bluetooth speakers also provide an alternative way of connecting them to a source device. An alternative way is to connect the Bluetooth speaker and TV with an AUX cable

Although establishing such a connection seems easy, some people need a guide on how to do it. 

This article will help you learn how to establish a wired connection between your TV and the Bluetooth speaker and everything you need to know about such a connection setup. 

How To Connect Bluetooth Speaker To TV With AUX Cable

Key Takeaways

  • Apart from the famed wireless Bluetooth connection, you can connect a TV to a Bluetooth speaker using an auxiliary cable.
  • To connect the Bluetooth speaker to your TV via aux, first, ensure the TV and speaker have an aux jack/port.
  • If the TV or the speaker does not have an aux jack, you cannot connect the two via an aux cable.
  • However, you can use an HDMI audio extractor to include an aux port on a TV that does not have one.
  • To connect the speaker to your TV, you need a 3.5mm aux cable (male to male).
  • Insert one end of the cable into the TV’s aux jack and the other end into the speaker’s aux jack.
  • Then ensure the speaker is on the aux output, and audio should stop coming out of the TV’s speakers and start coming out of the Bluetooth speaker.

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to the TV Using an Aux Cable

The steps to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your TV are very direct. Before you begin, ensure that the TV and speaker have aux jacks; otherwise, you cannot proceed with the setup described below.

TV and speaker

Once you are certain the TV and speaker have aux jacks and that you have an aux cable, you can proceed with the steps below:

Locate the AUX Jack on the Speaker and the TV

Not all TVs and Bluetooth speakers have an aux port. Therefore, it is important that you check whether the speaker and TV have it. 

Checking the port should be easy on both devices as it is usually near other ports. Often you will find it labeled with a headphone icon or AUX label. 

Bluetooth speakers, especially those that claim to be waterproof, will have the port under a rubber cover, enhancing the speaker’s waterproof abilities. 

If you do not see the aux port on the speaker or TV, consult the user manual for a precise location. The manual will also tell you whether the port is available on your speaker/TV.

Connect the AUX Cable to the TV and the Speaker

Once you locate the port on the TV and the speaker, the next step is to connect the two. 

Do this by inserting one end of the cable into the TV’s 3.5mm aux port and the other end into the aux port on the speaker. 

Connect the AUX Cable to the TV and the Speaker

Connecting the cable to the speaker and the TV should be easy as there are no complicated steps. The connection will work as long as the aux port is clean and the cable is in good condition. 

Note: You need an AUX OUT or HEADPHONE OUT port on your TV. If your TV has an AUX IN and you connect the cable to that port, it will not work.

Ensure the Speaker Is on the AUX Source

Once you have connected the speaker to the TV via aux, turn on the TV and the speaker. 

Most Bluetooth speakers automatically enter aux mode when they sense an aux connection.  

The speaker will notify you it is on aux mode through an audio prompt or a particular LED blinking. Refer to the user manual to understand how your speaker behaves when it senses an aux connection. 

If the speaker does not automatically go into aux mode, you can force it to by pressing a particular button or a combination of buttons. That is why the user manual is necessary. 

Play Something on the TV

At this point, the TV and the speaker are connected. If you play anything with audio on the TV, you will hear the audio on the speaker. Remember to regularly check on the speaker’s remaining charge so that it does not go off while using it. 

What If My TV Does Not Have an AUX Jack?

Some TVs do not have an aux port/jack, which can be challenging when connecting the speaker to the TV. But there are still some workarounds for such a scenario. 

The first option is to connect the speaker to the TV via Bluetooth. To do this, enable the speaker’s Bluetooth through the settings option. Note that the exact steps are determined by the TV’s manufacturer so consult the user manual for the correct steps.

Then get the speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode by following the instructions appropriate to the speaker. 

Once the speaker is ready to pair, go to the TV, search for the speaker on the available Bluetooth devices, select it, and complete the pairing process.

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to a TV

Connecting a Bluetooth Speaker to a TV (how to pair)

How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to a TV that Does Not Have Bluetooth?

If the TV does not have Bluetooth connectivity and your speaker doesn’t have an AUX input or optical input, you can purchase a Bluetooth adapter and connect it to the TV. The adapter should be a transmitter to transfer wireless audio signals from the TV to the speaker. 

Avantree Orbit – aptX LL Bluetooth Transmitter

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Multiple models of Bluetooth adapters are available in the market, so adequately read the reviews before settling on one. 

Also, get an adapter compatible with the ports on your TV, i.e., does the adapter have an aux, USB, or optical connector? 

Once you have the adapter, connect it to the TV and a power source if necessary. Then power on the adapter and speaker and ensure they are close to each other. 

The adapter should automatically connect to the speaker, and you will hear your TV’s audio on the speaker. 

Remember to follow the connection instructions that come with your particular adapter for the best results. 

Connecting a Bluetooth Transmitter to Your TV

How to Use Avantree Orbit - Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Adapter with Screen Display for TV

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Can we connect the Bluetooth speaker to the TV with an aux cable?
  • Answer: Yes, we can connect a Bluetooth speaker to a TV using an aux cable. However, before establishing such a connection, ensure the TV and the speaker have the aux jack/port.
  • Then you can insert one end of the aux cable into the TV’s AUX OUT port and the other end into the speaker’s AUX IN port. Power on the speaker and the TV if they are off, and you should hear the TV’s audio through the speaker. 
  • Question: Can you connect a Bluetooth speaker via an AUX cable?
  • Answer: If the Bluetooth speaker has an aux port, you can connect it to other devices with the aux input. All you need is an aux cable. 
  • Question: How do I make my old TV Bluetooth compatible?
  • Answer: You can make an old TV Bluetooth-compatible by purchasing a Bluetooth adapter (Amazon). The adapters are available in various online stores and even in physical stores near you. Once you have the adapter, connect it to your TV either to the aux or USB ports. It depends on the type of connector on the adapter. 


The easiest way to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your TV is by using an auxiliary cable. The only catch is that the TV and the speaker should have aux ports, and you should have an auxiliary cable. If you encounter challenges like audio not coming out of the speaker, ensure the speaker is on, and the cable is in mint condition. 

However, to enjoy the perks of having a Bluetooth speaker, consider connecting it to your TV wirelessly, as that is what the speakers were built for.

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