Earbuds Not Charging In Case (8 Easy Fixes)

Earbuds are a convenient way of listening to music on the go. Unlike wired earphones, you do not have wires hanging from your ears when using earbuds. 

One major disadvantage with earbuds is that they must be regularly recharged, meaning they are not always available. Things even take a turn for the worse when you realize the buds will not charge when you place them in their case

This can be frustrating since it is difficult to tell whether the issue is with the earbuds or the charging case

I recently had this exact problem and was about to throw away my earbuds but decided otherwise. Instead, I looked for causes and solutions to this phenomenon and compiled all the helpful information I came across in this article. Go through it to get your earbuds charging whenever they are in the case. 

Earbuds Not Charging In Case

Key Takeaways

  • If the earbuds do not charge when in the case, likely, they are incorrectly placed. The right earbud could be in the left earbud’s slot, while the left one is in the right earbud’s slot.
  • Another reason could be that the charging contacts on the earbuds and those in the case are not touching as they should, thus interfering with the recharging.
  • Dirt on the earbuds or case’s charging pins will also prevent the earbuds from charging through the case.
  • The charging case could also have run out of power, which you have not noticed. 
  • A system malfunction could cause a disconnect between the buds and the case resulting in the earbuds not charging.
  • Sometimes the earbuds or the charging case is damaged; hence the buds cannot recharge.
  • An immediate solution will be to ensure the buds are in their respective slots in the charging case.
  • Next, ensure that the case has sufficient power to recharge the earbuds.
  • If the buds still will not recharge, check for firmware updates or factory reset the buds and the case if possible. 
  • Contact the earbud manufacturer, and they will provide further troubleshooting instructions or guidance on how to claim a replacement of the buds, charging case, or both through the warranty.

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Why Are My Earbuds Not Charging in the Case?

There are various reasons why the earbuds will not show they are charging when you put them in the case. 

Each problem has a unique solution; therefore, we will look at the problem and solution together in the sections below:

Ensure the Earbuds Are in Their Respective Slots

The charging compartments in the case are usually assigned to specific buds. One belongs to the right earbud, and the other to the left earbud. 

If you place the right earbud in the left slot and the left bud in the right slot, the charging pins in the case and those on the buds will not align. That would result in the buds not charging. 

So, ensure that the earbuds are in their respective slots. You can do this by checking the labels on the earbuds and the slots in the charging case.

The buds must be in their respective slots

The buds must be in their respective slots

L is for left, and R is for right, so the right earbud goes into the right slot and the left bud to the left space. 

If the buds or the slots are not labeled, alternate the buds between the spaces and ensure you hear a click as the earbuds settle into the charging case

Also, check that the wingtips are well placed on the earbuds. You can even remove them and check whether the buds will start charging once you put them in the case. 

Clean the Charging Contacts on the Buds and in the Case

Another reason the earbuds will not charge when they are in the case is that dirt is blocking the charging contacts on the earbuds and in the case from touching

The contacts should touch without any interruptions for the earbuds to charge correctly. 

Therefore, ensure there is no lint or foreign material in the charging case and on the charging pins on the earbuds

Make sure the charging pins are clean – use isopropyl alcohol to clean them

Make sure the charging pins are clean – use isopropyl alcohol to clean them

If the case is dirty, you can use Isopropyl alcohol or water together with a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab.

Dampen the microfiber cloth/ cotton swab with Isopropyl alcohol or water and carefully clean the charging contacts on the earbuds and in the case.

If you notice rust, apply a small amount of WD40 and use a soft-bristled brush to clean it.

You can also use the brush to wipe off any stuck debris. 

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Ensure the Charging Pins in the Case Are Not Stuck

The charging contacts/pins in most earbud charging cases will move inwards when pressed. This is to ensure they efficiently connect to the contacts on the earbuds, but if these pins are stuck, the earbuds will not recharge. In most instances, you will not even be able to close the charging case. 

If you notice one or both pins in the case are stuck, try gently prodding them with your finger to get them retracting as they should whenever pressure is applied. 

If the pins remain stuck, do not force them; instead, contact the earbud manufacturer and schedule a service visit.

Factory Reset the Earbuds

Although it rarely happens, the earbuds can stop charging because of a firmware malfunction. In other cases, they could be charging but do not indicate that they are through their LEDs. 

A factory reset will clear any pairing information on the earbuds and, in the process, clear bugs that could be hindering charging.

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Before resetting the earbuds, forget them from any devices they have been connected to. 

The resetting procedure differs depending on the earbud model; therefore, check the user manual for instructions appropriate to your earbuds. 

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Check for Firmware Updates

Outdated firmware can cause the earbuds to lose some functions and cause some aspects not to work appropriately

Also, if the problem of the earbuds not charging is software based and the manufacturers are aware, they will provide firmware updates to solve the issue. That is why always ensuring the earbuds have the latest firmware is essential. 

Most earbuds are updated via an app the manufacturer provides, so check the user guide for the correct way to do this

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Ensure the Case Is Charged

If the case is not charged, you cannot recharge the earbuds as the case recharges them. 

It is essential to check the case’s battery percentage, especially if you see that the buds are not charging when they are inside. 

The charging cases often have an LED indicator that communicates the battery percentage. 

A flashing red LED means the battery is critically low in such cases. However, ensure you confirm with your user guide what the LED means and how you can tell the battery percentage of the charging case. 

Most charging cases have a battery indicator LED – this Indicator will usually flash red when the battery is low.

Most charging cases have a battery indicator LED – this Indicator will usually flash red when the battery is low.

Check the Temperature of the Earbuds and the Charging Case

The batteries in the case and those in the earbuds are meant to be used at room temperature and not in extremely hot or cold environments

If you use the earbuds in an environment that experiences extreme temperatures (hot or cold), you are bound to experience issues like them not recharging or functioning. 

Don’t use your earbuds in extremely hot or cold environments

Don’t use your earbuds in extremely hot or cold environments

If that is the case, relocate the earbuds and the case to a cool and dry environment and wait for the bud’s temperature to stabilize before recharging them

Note that constantly exposing the earbuds to extreme temperatures will eventually damage the battery. 

Leave the Buds and the Case Charging for a While

If everything seems alright and the earbuds will still not charge, leave them in the charging case and ensure the case is connected to a working charger.

You should leave the buds in the case for two to twelve hours, even if they do not show that they are charging. 

Once the time has elapsed, take them out and check whether they have received any power from the case.

Contact Customer Support

If the solutions above do not work, your last resort is to contact the earbud manufacturer’s customer service. Inform them of the troubleshooting measures you have already taken and ask if they have any more suggestions.

They will suggest you return the earbuds for replacement if the buds are still covered under warranty. 

They will also inform you of all the requirements to get a replacement or fix the current pair of earbuds. 

The manufacturer’s contact information can be found on their website or on the packaging that came with the earbuds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do you fix earbuds that are not charging in case?
  • Answer: If the earbuds are not charging when they are in the case, below are a few things you can do to fix this:
  • Ensure the buds are correctly placed in the case. The right earbud goes into the right slot, and the left goes into the left.
  • Clean the charging pins on the earbuds and those in the case.
  • Confirm that the case has enough power that can recharge the earbuds.
  • Check whether there are any firmware updates available for the earbuds.
  • Factory reset the earbuds.
  • Question: Do earbuds always charge in case?
  • Answer: Whenever you place the earbuds in the case, they will recharge to a hundred assuming the case has enough battery. 
  • Therefore, if the earbuds run out of power, place them in the case, close it, and wait as they recharge.
  • Question: Can I charge my earbuds case without the earbuds inside?
  • Answer: The charging case can be recharged even if the earbuds are not inside. Ensure you use a certified charger and quality cable when recharging the case.
  • If you put the earbuds in the case, they will also be recharged as long as the case has enough battery or if it is being recharged.


It is common for earbuds to stop charging when they are placed in the case. This is usually caused by the wrong placement of the buds in the case of physical damage. 

If the cause is a minor issue, you can solve it using the steps discussed above; if they require an experienced professional, ensure you get one that understands their work. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer and ask for further assistance.

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