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Galaxy Buds Not Charging (Best Troubleshooting Tips)

My Galaxy earbuds have been the best accessory I bought since they are easy to pair and have a commendable audio quality. I have been using them for a year, but they stopped charging recently without any clear reason

After twisting and turning the buds in the charging case, one of the buds started charging. As I was almost giving up in despair, I came across a suggestion to clean the charging contacts. And to my relief, the earbuds were charging again. 

This article is a compilation of all other troubleshooting measures I came across that worked for other Galaxy earbud owners. 

If your buds have also stopped charging, below are some reasons and what you can do to get them charging.

Galaxy Buds Not Charging

Key Takeaways

  • Often if the case and earbuds are not charging, they have been idle for a while. 
  • To remedy this, connect the earbuds to a working charger and leave them for at least ten minutes, then check whether they are charging.
  • When the buds are exposed to extremely high or low temperatures, they will also stop charging. If you notice this problem, move the earbuds to an environment with room temperature and let them heat up or cool down, then try charging them.
  • Also, ensure that the charger is compatible and works appropriately. You can try different chargers or switch between wired and wireless charging methods.
  • Also, ensure there is no dust, moisture, or dirt on the buds’ charging terminals. 
  • If you notice any moisture, let it dry before recharging, and if you see any dirt, clean it using a soft cloth or a soft-bristled brush. 

Are You Using the Correct Charger?

Samsung suggests using a Samsung charger or charging device with an output current of 150mA or over and a voltage of 5V. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you use a similarly rated charger to avoid charging issues such as the Galaxy buds not charging. 

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Also, ensure that the wireless charger and earbuds are kept away from items that have magnetic stripes as credit cards and boarding passes. Such items can damage the charger or the earbuds charging system. 

Also, ensure the case the buds are in the case specific to your earbud’s model, i.e., if the earbuds are the Galaxy Buds Live, the case should be a Galaxy Buds Live case. 

Try the other solution below if you have a compatible charger and the earbuds are still not charging

How to Properly Charge Galaxy Buds

How to Charge Samsung Galaxy Buds2

Leave the Earbuds Charging for Ten Minutes or Longer

Sometimes when the buds and the case are left uncharged or idle for extended periods, they will not be responsive when connected to the charger. 

Fortunately, you can overcome this by leaving the earbuds in the case, then connecting the case to a charger and charging for at least ten minutes. After ten minutes or so, observe whether the LED on the case is solid red, indicating that the buds are charging. 

If the LED on the case is solid RED, the case is charging

If the LED on the case is solid RED, the case is charging

If the LED outside the case is a solid red, the case is charging, and the earbuds should also be simultaneously charging. 

You can open the case and observe whether the LED that is inside is also lighting a solid red color. 

If the buds are still not charging after leaving them connected to the charger for ten minutes, consider leaving them for longer, one to two hours. Should the buds still not be charging, try the other solutions.

Restart the Galaxy Buds

Another solution that works for other users who have experienced the same problem is that they restart their earbuds

You can also easily restart yours, but before you do, unplug them from the charger and turn off Bluetooth connectivity of any device connected to the earbuds. 

Then take the earbuds out of the case, return them to the case, and close it for seven to ten seconds.

The next time you open the case, the earbuds will restart, and you can attempt recharging them. 

Some users suggested leaving the case open as you recharge it, and you should also try it. 

If only one bud is not charging and you have restarted both of them, ensure you have switched off Bluetooth connectivity of all devices connected to the earbuds. 

Then remove the earbud that is charging and leave the one that is not charging in the case. Proceed to continuously remove and re-insert the malfunctioning earbud into the case while the case is connected to a charger. 

As you remove and return the earbud to the case, you will notice that the battery LED in the case lights red for a while and then goes off. 

Continue removing and returning the malfunctioning earbud for a while, then leave it in the case charging for at least an hour. 

As you remove and return the earbuds into the case and the LED flashes red, some power gets into the earbud. And if you do this for long enough, the earbud will have enough juice to continue charging. Note that this solution is subjective and might not work in all scenarios.

One Galaxy Bud Not Charging – Try These Fixes

Galaxy Buds Plus - One Side Not Charging - Fix

Change the Charging Method

Another issue could be that your current charging method is the problem. For instance, the USB cable, the case’s USB port, or the charger’s adapter could be damaged, affecting how the earbuds charge. 

If you use the wired method, find a Samsung wireless charging pad and place the case on the pad. 

You can also use the PowerShare to wirelessly charge the buds if your Samsung device supports the feature. PowerShare allows you to charge other devices like your Galaxy earbuds wirelessly.

Try charging your earbuds using PowerShare

Try charging your earbuds using PowerShare

To activate the feature, open the quick settings on your Samsung and select the PowerShare option. Then turn to the back of the phone and put the earbud’s case at the center. 

You should hear a sound from the phone, or it will vibrate to show the buds are charging. 

PowerShare will work if your phone has a charge of over 30%, and you should remove any covers on the phone and earbuds case. 

However, note that if you realize a charging system on the earbuds is the problem, you should have it looked at by a technician to avoid further damage. 

Check the Charging Terminals

Sometimes you could be facing charging problems because there is dirt or moisture on the charging terminals on the earbuds, case, or in the case’s USB charging port. 

These parts are supposed to be free from debris that will limit contact between the earbuds and the case or the case and the charger. 

Charging terminals need to be clean

Charging terminals need to be clean

If you notice any dirt in the charger’s connector or in the charging port, you can use a toothpick to remove the dirt carefully. If the dirt particles are small or stubborn, use a toothbrush. 

Also, clean the charging contacts/terminals on the earbuds and the charging case. You can use a brush to remove dirt and check whether the earbuds start charging.

If possible, also use a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. 

Also, some users who have experienced the same problem suggest that when returning buds into the case, do not let the earbud align with the wingtip hole in the case. Instead, let it be slightly off. You can also try this to see if it solves your issue. 

The goal is to keep repositioning the buds until the battery LED on the case flashes solid red, indicating that charging is taking place. 

Fixing Charging Terminals on Samsung Galaxy Buds

Galaxy Buds Plus Not Charging - Fix

Are the Temperatures Extreme

The earbuds are manufactured to stop charging whenever they become too hot or too cold. This feature ensures durability since extreme temperatures will ruin the earbuds. 

Therefore, the earbuds should be in a place with an ambient temperature of 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Ensure the buds are away from any heat sources; if they are overheating, remove them from the charger and let them cool down before recharging them. 

A clear sign that the buds are overheating or too cold is that the battery LED will flash red rapidly. 

Charge the Case First, then the Earbuds

Another solution is ensuring the charging case is fully charged first before inserting the earbuds to let them charge. This solution works if the earbuds are not charging, but the case is charging fine. 

If you have the Galaxy Wearable app, you can tell the case’s percentage by launching the app, and the information will be on the homepage.

Check the battery levels using the Wearable app

Check the battery levels using the Wearable app

If you do not have the app, let the case charge until the LED outside the case lights solid green. 

Once the case is fully charged, insert the buds into it and let them stay there for an hour or two. 

If the case is not charging, leave it connected for more than ten minutes and observe whether it charges. 

Check for Firmware Updates

Galaxy buds automatically install updates if connected to the Galaxy Wearable app. However, the update can be delayed causing problems such as the buds not charging. 

You can check if any updates are available by opening the app and scrolling to the Earbuds software update option. 

Then tap the Download and Install option to check for available updates; if there are any, they will be downloaded and installed. 

You can proceed to check whether the buds start charging. 

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Buds

How to Update Galaxy Buds Software to Latest Version

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How can I be certain that my Galaxy buds are charging?
  • Answer: You will observe the LED in the case, not the LED outside. Open the case, ensure the buds are correctly seated and observe the LED. 
  • If it lights red without flashing, the buds are charging. Green means they are fully charged. Blinking means there is a problem, and the buds are not charging.
  • Question: Do Galaxy buds charge while the case is charging?
  • Answer: Yes, when charging the case and the earbuds are properly seated in the case, they charge simultaneously with the case. The buds can also be charged by the case even when the case is not charging as long as the case has sufficient power.


Mostly, when the earbuds are not charging, it is because of a hardware issue and not a software issue, although outdated firmware could be the cause. 

Always ensure that the charging terminals on the buds and the charging case are clean from any gunk to avoid charging problems. If the charging terminals seem okay, the charger, earbuds, and case are in good condition, and your Galaxy buds are not charging, contact Samsung’s customer support for further assistance. Chances are they will offer a replacement if the earbuds are still under warranty. 

If you attempt opening the buds or the case to ‘fix’ the charging issue and the earbuds are still under warranty, you will void that warranty. 

Suppose you have no option but to fix the buds at home contact a qualified technician so that you do not end up damaging the earbuds even more. Alternatively, you can visit a Samsung service center near you.

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