Why Is Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working?

Jabra’s range of earbuds and headphones is known for being quality products. If taken proper care of, the earbuds can serve you for years without randomly dying like other models. 

That is why I have always stuck by my Elite 65t earbuds and enjoyed my music without interruptions. That was the case until recently when the left earbud would not connect to the right one, regardless of how many times I restarted them. 

After almost giving up, I crawled the internet for any solutions and realized many people who use the exact model face the same problem. Luckily, I found a solution that was not as complicated as I expected and a bunch more that seemed helpful to anyone experiencing the same issue

Read on as I list all said solutions that will help you overcome this stubborn problem

Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working

Key Takeaways

  • The right earbud acts as the main bud; thus, it connects to the source device, while the left connects to the right earbud.
  • When pairing the earbuds to a source device, you first pair the right one, then power on the left one.
  • Taking the earbuds out of the charging case automatically powers them on.
  • However, if they do not power on, you can manually power on the right earbud by holding the multifunction button until you see the LED on the bud flash green.
  • Hold the volume down button on the left earbud to power it on or off.
  • Other reasons that could cause the left earbud to not work apart from it being off include:
  • The earbud has run out of power and requires recharging.
  • If the left and right earbuds are not within twenty centimeters or eight inches of each other, they will have trouble pairing with each other.
  • The earbud is not recharging since the charging contacts are damaged or dirty.
  • The earbud’s firmware is outdated, causing it to malfunction.
  • The firmware is up to date but still malfunctioning; hence, the buds require a factory reset.

Manually Turn On the Left Earbud

When pairing the earbuds to a source device, you first pair the right earbud to the source device, then power on the left earbud to the right one. 

Pairing the left earbud to the right one is as easy as powering the left one, and it will automatically connect to the right one. 

This might seem obvious for users with experience with the Elite 65t earbuds, but new users will face some challenges.

Taking the earbuds out of the case automatically powers them on, but this does not happen every time. Sometimes, you have to power them on manually

So check that the LED on the left bud blinks when you take it out of the case. 

If the LED remains off, manually power the earbud by holding the volume down button until you see the LED flash green on the earbud

The volume down button is under the letter J in the Jabra logo. 

If the left bud doesn’t turn on automatically, press the VOL DOWN button until the LED flashes green. After it turns on, the left earbud will automatically pair with the right one.

If the left bud doesn’t turn on automatically, press the VOL DOWN button until the LED flashes green. After it turns on, the left earbud will automatically pair with the right one.

Move the Left Earbud Closer to the Right Earbud

If the left earbud is powered on, but no sound is coming out of it, or you suspect it has not paired with the right earbud, move both buds closer to each other.

When the left bud powers on, it automatically connects to the right bud, but both earbuds should be within twenty centimeters (eight inches) of each other

The distance between the earbuds while pairing should not be greater than 20cm/8”

The distance between the earbuds while pairing should not be greater than 20cm/8”

Before you move them closer, place both buds in the case to turn them off or manually power them off so that they can reconnect when you turn them on.

If the left earbud still does not work, try other solutions listed below.

Ensure the Left Earbud Is Adequately Charged

When the left earbud is discharged, it will not function as intended. It is possible that the right bud recharged when they were in the case, while the left one remained with a low battery. 

An easy way to know the battery level of the earbud is to observe how the LED on the earbud behaves when you turn it on. If it blinks red, the battery is critically low, and the earbud should be recharged immediately.

Observe the LED behavior on the earbuds and on the charging case

Observe the LED behavior on the earbuds and on the charging case

If the LED flashes yellow, the battery is at medium capacity, implying that the pairing issue with the earbuds is not caused by the battery. A green LED indicates that the battery is fully charged. 

If the LED blinks red, place it in the case and ensure the LED flashes to indicate that the earbuds are charging. 

Also, ensure that the case has enough power to recharge the earbuds. You can know the case’s battery level by looking at the LED next to the charging port. If it blinks red, it means the case needs to be recharged. 

If the earbud does not charge even though it is in the case, try the solutions below to troubleshoot both the earbuds and the charging case.

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Clean the Earbud and the Case

If the earbud does not charge when placed in the case, it’s possible that some debris is blocking the charging contacts in the case or those on the buds

Therefore, you can dampen a cotton swab using water, but most preferably, use isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the charging contacts on the earbuds and those in the case

How to Clean Your Earbuds and Charging Case

How To Clean Your Wireless Earbuds

Next, confirm that there is no lint in the charging port on the case. If there is any, use a soft-bristled brush to clean it.  

Once they are clean and dry, place only the left earbud in the case and check whether it shows that it’s charging by flashing the LED in the case

Additionally, check that the tiny hole above the charging contacts on both earbuds is clean. Other Elite 65t users have stated that their earbuds have started working whenever they insert a toothpick or a needle in this hole and remove any dirt. 

Be careful when doing this since important components can be damaged if you insert the needle too deep or vigorously clean it. 

Cleaning the Vent on Your Jabra 65t Earbud

Right earbud problems Jabra 65t elite earbuds
You should also know that Jabra passionately tells you not to insert anything in this hole because you will potentially damage the earbuds. But if you are desperate and want your earbuds working, carefully remove the dirt, ensuring you do not touch the components (membrane) inside the earbud. 

Note that doing this will void your warranty, so consider contacting Jabra before doing it.

Cleaning the Charging Contacts with a Toothbrush and a Sandpaper

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Check the Magnets in the Charging Case

If the earbud still does not charge, it is still not working, and you should check if the magnets in the case are intact.

These magnets hold down the earbud so it can stay still and continue charging, but they can move if the case is dropped or if they are not firmly glued in. 

Note that checking the magnets requires you to remove the rubber inside the case, which can void your warranty if the warranty period has not expired. Therefore, if the buds are still covered, skip this step and contact Jabra to request a replacement.

But if you want to go ahead and try this solution, below are the steps you should follow:

  • Open the case and take out the buds.
  • Slowly but firmly pull the rubber that cradles the earbuds using a flat-head screwdriver or anything you think will work.
Remove the rubber using a flat-head screwdriver or some other tool

Remove the rubber using a flat-head screwdriver or some other tool

  • The cradle is held in place using an adhesive, so you should firmly pull it and not worry since no wires are connected to the cradle.
  • Turn the cradle upside down and locate two rectangular slots on the left and right.
  • There should be tiny magnets in each slot, which should be attached to the rubber cradle.
  • If they are not, use glue to reattach the magnets to their slots.
  • Wait for the glue to dry before assembling the charging case. 
  • Once all the glue is dry and the case is assembled, try recharging the earbud and check whether it works. 
  • Remember, this is a risky procedure, so only do it if you are sure or if the warranty still covers the earbuds.
  • Here are instructions from users who have tried this solution, which worked for them. 

Jabra Elite 65t – Charging Case Disassembly

Jabra Elite 65T - Case Disassembly

Factory Reset the Earbuds

If the earbud still does not work, consider factory resetting it, and this will clear all pairing information stored on the earbuds.

That way, they will have a new chance of reconnecting and clearing any firmware malfunctions that could be preventing the left earbud from working. 

Only the right earbud is required to reset both buds; therefore, you do not have to worry that the left one is not working.

Reset them by holding the multifunction button on the right earbud for ten seconds. You will know the reset begins when the LED flashes purple, and you can release the button.

Once the reset is complete, put both earbuds in the charging case and close it for ten seconds. 

Next, open it and check whether both earbuds are now working. If not, follow the step below to check for a firmware update. 

Resetting Jabra Elite 65t

How to Hard Reset Jabra Elite 65t?

Update the Earbuds’ Firmware

Outdated firmware can cause incompatibility between the earbuds and even result in the left earbud not working as it should.

Therefore, ensure the earbuds have the latest firmware to prevent this possibility. 

You will need the Jabra Sound + app to update the firmware. The app is available for Android and iOS devices if you have not already downloaded it.

If a firmware update is available, the app will display a notification on your phone, and the Discover section on the app will be pulsing yellow.

Below are steps on how to update the firmware:

  • Connect the earbuds to your phone.
  • Open the app and go to the Discover icon and select Update now.
  • Once the update is done downloading, agree to the license agreement.
  • Next, place the buds in the case, close it, and connect it to the charger.
  • The app will provide further instructions on updating. 
  • Meanwhile, the LED will flash purple to indicate the update is in progress.
  • You will know the update is complete once the LED stops flashing purple. This can take up to fifteen minutes; if it exceeds that, open and close the case.
  • Once the update is complete, check if the earbud works.
  • If it doesn’t, uninstall, reinstall the app, and check for a firmware update. 

How to Update Firmware on Jabra Elite 65t?

How to Update Firmware in Jabra Elite 65T? Install New Firmware in Jabra Earbuds

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I fix the left earbud on my Jabra Elite 65t?
  • Answer: If the earbud isn’t working, restart it by placing both buds in the case, then take the right one out and pair it to your device
  • Once paired, remove the left earbud, which should power on, and reconnect to the right bud. 
  • If the left earbud doesn’t power on, press the volume down button until the LED flashes green.
  • Question: Can I use the hole on a Jabra 65t to reset the earbuds?
  • Answer: The hole on the earbuds is not used to reset them. If you want to reset the earbuds, remove the right earbud from the case.
  • Then press and hold the multifunction button until the LED flashes purple. 


The solutions above should help you regain functionality on the left earbud. However, should the earbud still not work, contact Jabra Customer Support and notify them of the measures you have already taken.

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