JBL Flip 6 Won’t Turn ON (You Can Fix It)

Picture this: you have always wanted a JBL speaker for as long as you can remember. Then, finally, you have the opportunity to own one, which is one of the happiest days of your life.

But, three weeks in, the speaker won’t turn on or even show it is charging. Regardless of what you do, there is no change. Well, that was me a few days ago. NO MATTER WHAT I DID, my JBL Flip 6 would not turn on.

As a last resort, I read everything I could about the issue and, in the process, realized it was a common issue. Although disappointed that such a good brand would have such ugly disadvantages, I was happy to find some solutions that worked. 

Here are some things you can do to power your speaker off if you are in a similar predicament

JBL Flip 6 Won’t Turn ON

Key Takeaways

Some of the reasons why the speaker will not turn on are:

  • You may not have pressed the power button.
  • The battery could be drained entirely; hence, the speaker does not have enough power to notify you of a low battery.
  • A faulty power button will not be responsive when you power the speaker.
  • Sometimes, the speakers go into service mode, where they minimize using the internal battery, and the buttons become unresponsive. You can get out of this mode by connecting the speaker to a power outlet via a USB cable, which will power on. Then press and hold the Bluetooth and Play/pause buttons for around ten seconds, and the speaker will power off. Power it back on, and it should be working as intended.
  • A damaged battery will also prevent the speaker from turning on since it does not have a power source.
  • Pressing the power button five times and holding it for the fifth time for ten seconds has also worked for some users.
  • Other users state that pressing and holding the speaker’s buttons for ten seconds, then releasing them and pressing the power button has worked

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Why Won’t My JBL Flip 6 Turn On?

The speaker not turning on could result from a software or hardware issue. It is hard to identify the problem initially, but running the various troubleshooting measures we will discuss will help you narrow down the problem. 

Here are some reasons why the speaker will not turn on. There are also solutions to these problems, and once you are through, the speaker will be working, or you will have a clearer picture of what is wrong.

You Have Not Powered On the Speaker Yet

Working on such problems by beginning with the basics as you work your way up to complex solutions is essential

Therefore, double-check that you have tried powering the speaker by pressing the power button.

If nothing happens, hold the power button for two to three seconds. 

If the speaker is still off, you can be confident it will not turn on. 

Deactivate the Service Mode On the Speaker

The JBL Flip 6 has a service mode feature that makes the buttons on the speaker unresponsive. This is meant to prevent people from interfering with the music playback. 

Sometimes, if the speaker won’t power on, it is because it powered off while still in service mode and the power button is unresponsive. This will make it look like the speaker is not turning on while, in the real sense, you are not following the correct procedure. 

Fortunately, you can easily deactivate the feature by connecting the speaker to a charger connected to a power outlet. 

Once the speaker senses the charger, the LEDs will turn on, and the speaker will play a tone to show the speaker is on. 

However, the buttons on the speaker will still be unresponsive, and you cannot pair any device to the speaker

Deactivate service mode by pressing the Bluetooth and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously until the speaker plays a tone and the LEDs go off

Press and hold the Bluetooth and PLAY buttons simultaneously to exit the Service Mode on Flip 6.

Press and hold the Bluetooth and PLAY buttons simultaneously to exit the Service Mode on Flip 6.

Next, unplug the charger and power on the speaker as usual by pressing the power button, and it should be working fine. 

How to Disable the Service Mode on JBL Flip 6

FIXING JBL FLIP 6 not turning on (How to fix)

Try Factory Resetting the Speaker

A system misconfiguration can also stop the speaker from powering on as it should. Such cases are solved by factory resetting the speaker; however, in our case, we have a problem. 

Factory resetting a JBL speaker requires you to power on the speaker first, then press and hold the Volume Up and the Play/Pause buttons for ten seconds

The speaker will power off and reset; you can turn it on and continue using it.

Unfortunately, our problem is that the speaker will not power on. 

In this case, first, connect the speaker to a charger. If it shows any LEDs flashing, follow the reset procedure while the speaker is connected to the charger. With any luck, the speaker will reset. 

If there is no sign of life, try the reset procedure, as it would not hurt to try. 

Pressing the PLAY and VOL UP buttons simultaneously will reset your Flip 6.

Pressing the PLAY and VOL UP buttons simultaneously will reset your Flip 6.

Note: Some sources suggest that you can reset JBL Flip 6 by pressing and holding the PLAY and VOL DOWN buttons. So, if the first option doesn’t work, try this one.

Leave the Speaker Charging for a While

First, ensure the charger is working properly by testing it on a different device like your phone. Then, confirm that the charging port on the speaker is clean and in good condition.

Once confident that the charger and the wall outlet work, connect the speaker to power and leave it. Do this even if the speaker does not indicate it is connected to a power outlet. 

Leave the speaker charging for a few hours, even if the speaker doesn’t indicate it’s charging.

Leave the speaker charging for a few hours, even if the speaker doesn’t indicate it’s charging.

This will allow the speaker to recharge slowly, especially if the battery is completely drained.

Check whether the speaker powers on after two and a half hours. If the LEDs blink even slightly or even if they do not, leave the speaker charging for twelve more hours.

Often, if the speaker was not powering on because the battery was drained, it should power on at this point

However, if the LEDs indicate the battery is full, but the speaker still will not power on, you are most likely dealing with a damaged power button.

On the other hand, if the speaker does not show any difference, the problem could be more severe than anticipated

If you determine the issue is the power button, check whether the warranty still covers the speaker. If it is, contact your retailer and start the procedure to get a new speaker since the current one is faulty. 

You can still contact JBL even if the warranty has expired, and they will guide you on the best channel to follow to get the power button fixed. 

Press Different Button Combinations

Users who have experienced the problem of their speaker not turning on have stated that pressing different button combinations brings the speaker back to life.

Some of these combinations worked on different JBL speaker models like the Flip 5, but trying them on the Flip 6 would be helpful since they solve a similar problem.

The button combinations are:

  • Press all the buttons on the speaker simultaneously for ten seconds. Then, wait a few seconds and press the power button to turn on the speaker. 
  • Press the speaker’s power button continuously eight times and hold the power button during the ninth time for thirty seconds. Then press and hold the power and play button for ten seconds, and the speaker should power on.
  • Others suggest continuously pressing the power button five times and holding the button during the fifth press for ten seconds. 

If these combinations do not work, proceed to the other suggestions.

Time to Replace the Battery

Should the speaker refuse to power on completely, it could indicate that the battery has been worn out or is faulty. 

Either way, to accurately diagnose the problem, the speaker must be opened to access and observe the battery.

You should not do this on your own, especially if you do not have any prior knowledge of fixing electronics. This is because you could damage the waterproof seal on the speaker or destroy components that were working fine. 

Instead, take the speaker to the nearest JBL service center, where they can check what is wrong and possible solutions. 

They will also have authentic and compatible JBL replacement parts like the battery, power button, or any other damaged component that could be damaged. 

They can also determine whether the speaker is not turning on because a different component (apart from the battery) is damaged/broken.

If you cannot find a service center nearby, contact JBL, and they will assist. 

In case you decide to replace the battery on your own, you should look for this one.

In case you decide to replace the battery on your own, you should look for this one.

Replacing Battery on JBL Flip 6

How to Replace Your JBL Flip 6 Battery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I reset my JBL Flip 6?
  • Answer: Here is how to reset the JBL Flip 6:
  • Power it on by pressing the power button.
  • Press the Play and Volume up buttons simultaneously while the speaker is on until the speaker powers off. 
  • Then, manually press the power button to power it on, and it should have reset to the factory settings. 
  • Question: Can I reset a JBL speaker if it’s not turning on?
  • Answer: The first step of resetting a JBL speaker is to turn it on. If this is not an option, connect the speaker to a power outlet and run the resetting procedure described above. 
  • Hopefully, the speaker will reset and easily power on.
  • Note that this is a pedestrian approach since JBL has yet to provide a way to reset the speaker without turning it on.  
  • Question: Why is my JBL speaker not turning on?
  • Answer: It could be because of the following reasons:
  • The battery is completely drained and will take longer to recharge.
  • The power button could be damaged.
  • The speaker could be in service mode, hence the power button not working.
  • The speaker could also be damaged


When the JBL Flip 6 refuses to power on, it is usually because the speaker has charging problems. These problems prevent the speaker’s battery from storing power, so the next time you try powering it on, you encounter a non-functioning speaker. 

Regardless of what the cause is, the suggestion above will be handy. If even the technicians tell you the speaker cannot be saved, it could be time to get a replacement. 

But note that some users have reported the speaker will randomly turn on again days after malfunctioning. Therefore, if the speaker has sentimental value, you can hold onto it, and hopefully, it will power on one day.

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