Skullcandy Indy Evo Not Pairing Together (How To Re-Sync Them)

The Skullcandy Indy Evo earbuds have features called Solo and Stereo modes. The features allow the user to use one or both earbuds. The best part is you can use the right or left earbud, as none qualifies as the main earbud. 

Although the feature is convenient for users who wish to hear sounds from the environment, you may experience issues when trying to pair them together. I have been a victim of this, and I was almost returning the buds to the seller.

Fortunately, you can quickly solve such problems, provided you know how to restart and reset the earbuds. Read on as I guide you on regaining functionality on both buds. 

Skullcandy Indy Evo Not Pairing Together

Key Takeaways

  • The Indy Evo earbuds can work in solo mode. This feature allows users to use one earbud while the other is powered off.
  • Unfortunately, the earbuds often malfunction and have trouble pairing with each other when the user attempts to get out of solo mode.
  • This can happen because of a firmware malfunction or if one of the earbuds has a low battery.
  • Possible solutions include recharging the earbuds, restarting them, trying to connect them to a different device, and factory resetting the buds.
  • If these do not work, contact Skullcandy’s customer support and ask them for help
  • It’s important to forget the earbuds from the source device’s Bluetooth settings and turn off Bluetooth when resetting the earbuds.
  • You will know the earbuds are synching when both flash blue and play a tone after successfully pairing.
  • They will also go into pairing mode, and only the left earbud will be flashing red and blue.

Indy Evo Won’t Pair with Each Other – Try This

How to resolve pairing problem at Skullcandy Indy evo (don’t connect to each other)

Using Solo Mode

Skullcandy earbuds can work separately, meaning you can use one earbud as the other one remains powered off and in the case. This feature is called solo mode

The best part is that there is no preference for the right or left earbud, as you can use either. 

To enable this feature, connect both earbuds to the source device following the standard connection procedure, then power off the earbud you do not intend to use.

The earbud is powered off by placing it in the case and closing it.

If you wish to continue using both earbuds, you remove the unused earbud from the case, which will automatically sync to the other one. You will hear a tone once they have successfully paired, or both buds will automatically start playing seamless audio.  

It is essential to know about Solo mode as it is the main culprit when you notice that one earbud is not working. 

Using Skullcandy Indy Evo in Solo Mode

Skullcandy Indy | Solo Mode | Skullcandy

You may find that only one earbud is working when you power them on for the first time or when you try reverting to Stereo mode, which is when you’re using both buds. 

Below are solutions you should try to get both buds working in unison:

Ensure the Earbuds Are Charged

Before settling on drastic measures like factory resetting the earbuds, check for the basic issues that can result in the earbuds not pairing.

One such basic measure is that the earbud not connecting to the other has a low battery and, therefore, cannot function properly. 

You will know that the battery level on the buds is low if you notice that the LEDs on the earbud flash red every five seconds. Also, the earbuds will play a ‘Battery low‘ audio prompt. 

If this is the case for one or both earbuds, place them in the charging case and ensure the LEDs light solid red. That indicates that they are charging

Make sure the LEDs on both buds are solid red – that means they are both charging

Make sure the LEDs on both buds are solid red – that means they are both charging

You can leave them charging for a minimum of ten minutes if you are in a hurry, giving you two hours of playtime.

But it is preferable that you are patient until the buds are fully charged, and you will know they are charged when you see the red LEDs go off when the buds are placed in the case. 

While at it, also ensure that the charging case is adequately charged. The LEDs on the case that turn on each time you open it communicate how much power the case has left. Each light represents a twenty-five percent battery level. 

Therefore, if you notice that the case has less than fifty percent battery, charge it as you leave the buds inside also to charge

Once the buds are charged, take them out of the case and check whether they are now pairing with each other. 

You will know this is happening if both buds flash blue when restarted. 

Both buds flashing blue means the buds are pairing with each other

Both buds flashing blue means the buds are pairing with each other

After syncing, the left one will flash red-blue, indicating they are in pairing mode. 

Left bud flashing red and blue – the earbuds are in pairing mode

Left bud flashing red and blue – the earbuds are in pairing mode

The buds will also play a tone once they connect. Below are steps on how you can restart the earbuds.

Restart the Earbuds

Another possible solution for pairing the buds when they are not connecting to each other is to restart them

You can restart them through the following steps:

  • Open the charging case, place both earbuds inside, and ensure the LEDs on the buds are glowing red steadily. 
  • When the buds are correctly placed in the case, they power off. If they do not power off, close the case, then open it, and the LEDs should light red this time. 
  • Next, take both earbuds from the case and observe the LED behavior. 
  • The buds should flash blue, indicating they are synching, and once synched, you should hear a tone, and only the left earbuds LED remains flashing red and blue. 
  • Another way to restart the buds is by touching and holding the touch area on both buds for six seconds
  • Once off, power them back on by holding the touch area on both buds for four seconds. The earbuds will then attempt to sync with each other.
Restart your Indy Evo earbuds by turning them off and then back on.

Restart your Indy Evo earbuds by turning them off and then back on.

If restarting the earbuds doesn’t fix the problem, factory reset them. 

Factory Reset the Indy Evo Earbuds

A factory reset will clear all pairing information from the earbuds and allow them to establish a new connection with each other. 

Here is how to effectively factory reset the Skullcandy Indy Evo:

  • Forget the earbuds from the source device and turn off Bluetooth on all devices near you.
  • Then manually power off the buds by holding the touch area for six seconds.
  • Once they are powered off, hold the touch area for ten seconds (use a timer to ensure it is not less than ten seconds). The earbuds will turn on and off.
Press and hold touch panels on both buds for 10 seconds, while the earbuds are off. This will reset your Indy Evo.

Press and hold touch panels on both buds for 10 seconds, while the earbuds are off. This will reset your Indy Evo.

  • Once off, place them back in the case and ensure the LEDs on the buds flash red, then take them out.
  • They will automatically power on, and both buds will start flashing blue as they sync.
  • Once they have paired, the left bud will flash red-blue.
  • You might have to repeat this process a few times since it does not always work the first time.

Resetting Indy Evo – Quick Tutorial

HOW TO RESET : SKULLCANDY INDY FUEL True Wireless Earphones By Soundproofbros

Contact Customer Support

If the earbuds are still not connecting, your issue could be isolated, and the Skullcandy support team has more elaborate troubleshooting measures.

Therefore, contact them and notify them of the solutions you have already tried. 

If they cannot help, check whether your warranty is still active and request a replacement pair. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How do I get my Indy Evo to pair with each other?
  • Answer: The earbuds automatically connect to each other whenever both are powered on and within each other’s range
  • So, if they do not pair with each other, restart before opting to factory reset them. If these solutions do not work, the problem could be more severe and require the assistance of a Skullcandy customer representative. 
  • However, always check the battery level of both buds, as that could also be the problem. 
  • A factory reset/restart helps clear any firmware malfunctions that could be interfering with the pairing of the buds. 
  • Question: How do I factory reset my Indy Evo?
  • Answer: 
  • Disconnect the earbuds from any device they are connected to.
  • Forget the earbuds from the pairing list and disable Bluetooth on your phone and other nearby devices.
  • Remove the buds from the case and manually power them off by holding the touch area for six seconds. Do this for both earbuds.
  • Then hold the touch controls on both earbuds for ten seconds. The buds will turn off, on, then off again.
  • Once powered off, place them in the case and ensure the LEDs are solid red.
  • Take the earbuds out of the charging case, and they will connect and go into pairing mode. 


The Indy Evo earbuds are programmed to connect whenever powered on before connecting to a source device. If the earbuds do not sync, you can initiate the process by restarting them before opting for a factory reset. 

If the factory reset does not work the first time, try it a couple more times, but should the problem persist, contact the Skullcandy customer support team.

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