Beats X Won’t Turn On (Solved)

The Beats X earphones have been around for a while. They have a good sound quality and are convenient for someone who loves to listen to music while they handle tasks that require a lot of movement. That is because they are designed to fit perfectly in your ears and lay on your neck for extra support. 

I have had my pair of Beats X since 2018, and they have always served their purpose until recently when they would not power on, even though I was sure they were adequately charged. 

While searching for the cause and possible solutions for this problem, I realized several other users had experienced the same ordeal. There seemed to be no workable solution, but that changes since this article will provide all the solutions I tried and more that worked for others

Beats X Won’t Turn On

Key Takeaways

  • A discharged battery is the main reason your Beats X earphones are not turning on. Therefore, leave them charging for an extended period before trying other troubleshooting solutions.
  • Several Beats X users have experienced the problem of the earphones not turning on, and often, it is because of physical damage to the earphones. If that is the case, you can request a replacement from Apple if the earphones are still under warranty. 
  • Alternatively, you can take them to a qualified technician who will open them up and assess them for damage.
  • Another solution is gently twisting the wire into the power button control unit. Twist it to the left or right and inwards, then try powering them on.
  • If the earphones only power on when connected to a charger, the battery or the charger could be the problem. In such instances, try a different charger and leave the earphones charging for one to two hours.
  • Also, connect them to the charger, then factory reset them.
  • Another option is to ensure the earphone’s firmware is up to date

Why Won’t My Beats X Turn On?

Some reasons why the Beats X earphones won’t turn on include the following:

  • The earphones are not adequately charged; hence there is no power to turn them on.
  • Physical damage on the earphones, especially on parts connected to the battery or the power button and charging port.
  • A loose or broken wire that interferes with the power supply from the battery to other parts of the earphones could also be a problem. 
  • The battery could also be worn out or damaged, resulting in the earphones powering on only when connected to a charger.
  • Although rare, outdated firmware could cause the earphones to malfunction and have issues such as not turning on.

How to Troubleshoot My Beats X that Won’t Turn On?

Although it is difficult to identify why your Beats X will not turn on, you can try the following solutions.

Ensure They Are Charging/Charged

The earphones are powered by a rechargeable battery that, if it is not charged the earphones will not work. 

Therefore, ensure the Beats X have sufficient power, especially if they briefly turn on and then go off. You can tell the battery level by observing how the LED behaves when you press the power button. 

If the LED is white, there is sufficient power, and the problem could be something else.

The battery is low if the LED lights are red, but you can still use the earphones. However, since the problem is that the earphones will not turn on, it is ok to connect them to a charger still. And leave the charging for a while.

If the earphone’s LED blinks red rapidly, the battery is critically low and should be recharged immediately. 

Remember, you can only make these observations if the earphones turn on briefly and allow you to observe the LED behavior before going off. 

If they do not turn on at all, connect them to a charger and leave them charging for an hour or two, then try turning them on. 

Ensure you use a quality charger and cable since these can also affect how the earphones take power.

Factory Reset the Earphones

If the earphones power on when connected to a charger, you can reset them and check whether they start working optimally. You can also try the resetting procedure even though they do not power on completely and see whether there are any changes. 

Before you reset them go into the Bluetooth settings of any source device previously paired with the earphones and forget them

Then follow the steps below to factory reset your Beats X earphones:

  • Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for ten seconds until you see the LED flash.
To reset, press and hold the POWER and VOL DOWN buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds

To reset, press and hold the POWER and VOL DOWN buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds

  • Once it flashes, release the controls, and your earbuds will be reset. 
  • Try powering them on by pressing the power button even if the LED did not flash during the reset procedure. 

A factory reset will erase all the connection information stored on the earphones, so you must set them up afresh. 

Resetting Beats X – Step-by-Step Guide

Beats By Dre Beats X How to Reset | Reset Tutorial

Check for Firmware Updates

Although it rarely occurs, outdated firmware could cause issues with your Beats X earphones

On the bright side, you can update the firmware using an Android, iPhone, or MacBook. 

Note that these earphones automatically update the firmware whenever there is a new version on the condition that the earphones are powered on and within the Bluetooth range of an iPhone or MacBook.

The iPhone/MacBook must also be connected to a working internet connection. 

So, if the earphones can power on only when connected to a charger, power them on and connect to an iPad or iOS device, and they will automatically be updated. However, the iPad/iPhone/MacBook has to have the latest firmware version for the automatic update to occur. 

You can check your Beats X firmware version by going to the Info (i) section of your Beats X earphones on the Bluetooth-connected devices list on the iPhone, MacBook, or iPad

If you have an Android, the Beats app will notify you of any available software updates and how to update. 

Updating Beats Earbuds (iOS and Android)

How to Update Firmware on Beats Studio Buds!

Gently Twist the Cable Going into the Control Unit

Some users have reported that their earphones have started working when they gently toggle the wire connected to the power button control unit below the right earbud.

This is where the battery is housed, and sometimes the wires can get loose, causing the earphones to have problems powering on.

If this is the issue and it is not very severe, you can solve it by wiggling the cable going into the power button control unit. Simply move it to the left and right while also pushing it inwards. Do this very gently so that you do not damage the earphones further. 

Once done, connect them to a charger, power them on, then disconnect them. 

Fixing the Beats X That Won’t Turn On by Twisting/Wiggling the Cable (Temporary Fix)

BeatsX headphones not powering on due to design fault

If the earphones start working, note that it is a temporary solution, and they will eventually begin to malfunction again, so schedule a visit with a technician or contact Apple and request a replacement.

Contact Apple Support

If the earphones do not power on regardless of what you do, they are most likely damaged and must be fixed, or you should get a replacement.

Therefore, contact Apple support and a technician will suggest resetting the earphones, so let them know you have already done that. They will also ask that you provide the serial number of the earphones, which is found on the side of the control unit that houses the power button.

The earphones come with a warranty, so you can get the replacement for free, provided the warranty terms and conditions are met. 

If your earphones do not qualify to be replaced under warranty, you can still send them to Apple for repair at a cost. Use their website to get a cost estimate.  

If they still will not turn on, the last resort is to get a replacement, preferably a different model of Beats earbuds, to avoid similar issues in the future.

Bonus Fix – Replacing the Battery on Beats X

Tutorial How To Repair Replace Broken Bad Battery Beats X Wireless Earbuds


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Why will my Beats charge but not turn on?
  • Answer: This can be a result of various factors such as:
  • The power button or battery is damaged.
  • The earphones still do not have enough power to turn on.
  • A firmware malfunction can be solved by resetting them.
  • Question: How do you turn on Dre Beats X?
  • Answer: Press the power button for one second to power on the Beats X earphones.
  • The power button is on the right side of the earphones, just below the right earbud. It is the only button on this side.
  • Question: How do you know if Beats are dead?
  • Answer: You will know that your Beats earbuds are dead if they are not responsive whenever you power them on. However, confirm if they are truly dead or if it is just the low battery by charging them for an hour or two.
  • Question: How do I reset my Beats X?
  • Answer: Press and hold the power and volume down buttons for ten seconds. You will then see the LED on the earphones flashing to show they have reset. 


There is little you can do to fix your Beats X earphones if they do not turn on. This is because the issue is likely a damaged battery or other internal components; thus, fixing it is complicated for an inexperienced person.

However, the solutions here will help you determine whether the earphones are salvageable or if you should consider getting a new pair.

As a consolation, you should know that most Beats X users who have had their earphones for a while have experienced the same problem and had to get a replacement.

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